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Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Why DeSean Jackson return makes sense

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It wasn’t his fault. Can’t blame the guy from going out and doing his job on Sundays. Maybe his work ethic was a bit shady and his attitude wasn’t always professional but he was young and at the top of his game. You must forgive DeSean Jackson.

Who knew that a new guy coming into the league would want to make an example out of the Eagles best wide out and one of the NFL’s up and coming talents? But, sure enough that’s exactly what Chip Kelly did. He sent Jackson packing after one season as his coach. He cited reasons but his main one was that Jackson was a gang member. Wow.

It was accepted by fans because the team wanted to win badly and Kelly was to be the man who was going to lead them there. Never did anyone think that he was just a confused man not knowing the difference between college and the NFL. Boy did he learn fast.

Kelly let Jackson go in 2014, not traded him for a player or draft pick, he literally just pushed him out the door. Jackson took refuge with the Washington Redskins and became their No.1 target but his career was never the same. There’s nothing wrong with the Redskins but in his heart Jackson and the Eagles fans know where he truly belongs.

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With Jackson set to hit the free agent market in 2017 there are grumblings that he would like to return home where it all began. While some Eagles fans are torn with the decision, they must remember who he is, what he has done and what he could do for this young team.

The Eagles are in need of a quality receiver to move the chains and make plays. But most importantly they need a player to help mold the young guys like Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff and Doral Beckham-Green. And we can’t forget what his presence would do for the confidence and growth of Carson Wentz.

This is a win-win for all parties involved. But the Eagles must be willing to turn back the clock and extend that olive branch. Owner Jeffrey Lurie made a mistake by letting Kelly make so many. Now he has the chance to right a wrong.

The reunion must happen if the Eagles are to take a step in the right direction. Sometimes you must take a step back to take two forward.

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