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Philadelphia Eagles Trade Rumors: 3 players they should target

The NFL Trade Deadline is approaching and the Philadelphia Eagles are on the clock. The team is 4-2 and still have ways to go but the offense must fill a few gaping holes. There is a need for a deep threat at WR and a bruising RB. If the Eagles can get either or both by November 1st they will surely put themselves in position to be one of the favorites to come out of the NFC.

Here are 3 players the Eagles should target.


Alfred Morris (Cowboys)

The Eagles are not that bad at the WR position but what will change the game and open more space for the receivers is a respectable ground game. Jamaal Charles is out there but he can’t seem to play two solid weeks in a row without getting hurt. The team needs a power back, someone to wear the defense down. The Eagles already have two shifty backs in Darren Sproles and the rookie Smallwood. What they need is a player like Morris to wear down the D-Line. If Dallas is willing to let Morris go then he will fit in nicely with the Eagles. Morris is behind leading rusher Ezekiel Elliott and while he has played every game as a reserve, he still has the power to be a featured back. This season he has rushed for 33 times for 130 yards on 3.9 yards per attempt. For his career, he averages 4.4. Morris will be a great fit for the Eagles offense.

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Alshon Jeffery (Bears)

Who knows if the Bears will want to part with the WR they once considered their future. But, with the way things look in Chicago he may not want to be there any longer. It’s a constant QB cycle. They are now on their 3rd string and even with Jay Cutler behind center it was a mess. If Jeffery can get with Carson Wentz, the Eagles offense has a chance be McNaab and Owens good. The team rode that duo all the way to the Super Bowl. Jeffery is young and will have time to grow with the QB and current core of players. The Eagles need a deep threat and many would like the service of Torrey Smith but he doesn’t have the same upside that Jeffery does. The Jeffery signing will go well if the Eagles were to get DeSean Jackson back next year.

Antonio Cromartie (FA)

Cromartie was released by the Colts for reasons that are still unknown. At 32 years old Cromartie still has plenty in the tank and while the Eagles secondary has been pretty solid there is always room for improvement. Cromartie will bring another veteran presence to compliment Malcolm Jenkins and help mold the younger players like Jalen Mills and push Nolan Carroll for his position. This is what the Eagles need in a conference that has Odell Beckham, Dez Bryant, and Jackson.


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