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3 reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles won’t win NFC East

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There seems to be some chatter starting in the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles that they can win the NFC East in 2016. This is far from the truth. After the turmoil and turnover that this team has had in the off-season, it would be difficult to go that far. Here are three reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles will not win the NFC East in 2016.

Sam Bradford

There are many reasons why the Eagles went and drafted Carson Wentz. Sam Bradford is not the QB of the future. He could be something for the immediate bridge, but I do not see how they can move forward with him. He cannot stay healthy. Bradford has Tony Romo syndrome. Only twice in his career has he played a full 16 game season. Sam Bradford also has a career losing record. How do they expect this guy to become a winner this season? His best season was 7-7 in 2015 (not a full season). The Eagles are best resigned to take their lumps this season, make sure they get out healthy, and move forward with Carson Wentz in 2017.

The WR position is lacking

The Philadelphia Eagles lack in one of the most needed areas of offense. They do not have a very strong receiving corp. Last year they drafted Nelson Agholor. He had some moments but never came on strong. They drafted Jordan Matthews in 2014, and he has yet to show his value. This year they trade for Dorial Green-Beckham. This does not make for a strong corp. I cannot see how this team can move the ball on teams when no one respects their receivers. This is a recipe for disaster for the Philadelphia Eagles.


I mentioned it in the open that the Eagles have gone thru some turnover the past few years. They are under a new coaching staff in 2016. This usually does not play well in the first year. It is very rare that a team under new leadership has first-year success. Many feel that Doug Pederson is the second coming of Andy Reid in Philly. This may be true but not in year one. He will have to get his players and structure the roster the way he is comfortable. Then maybe the Philadelphia Eagles can make an attempt at returning to the top. 2016 is just too soon.

The Philadelphia Eagles have taken their lumps over the past couple of years. 2015 was not the kindest of years. A return to the top is possible. However, 2016 is just too soon for that return. Sit back, call the Dallas Cowboys, and enjoy the two other teams battle for the division.

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