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Pitch: Why FOX must be careful with new show

Fox is at it again with their new show Pitch that premiered Thursday night. During the summer as the previews rolled, I wasn’t too interested, but willing to give any show a try I sat and watched Friday evening. After the shocking end that I saw coming but not in that capacity, I sat for a moment and thought, they could have something here. But the Network must tread lightly.

Pitch has potential. Although it’s only one episode you can see the direction they want to go in. But my issue is, after they get there, then what? FOX is trying to tell a story of a young lady who makes it to the big leagues as the first female baseball player. While the story is great, it has some flaws that the writers themselves brought out in the script. Ginny Bakers’ father tells her one day that she will need to learn a secret weapon because she will never be as strong as the guys.

That’s when I was ready to turn it off. Without doing so, the writers took a good story and made in unbelievable. The point of a show is to make your audience feel attached to it and that scene between Gimny and her father ruined it for me. It looks to be a feel good story, the cast is perfect, with her no-nonsense manager, Amelia, friend, Mo and the star player on the San Diego Padres and future mentor, Mike. Together they make a great team, but that’s not the problem.

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The jokes are placed just right, the score was perfect and the main character, Ginny, her acting was Grade A. But the show made one HUGE mistake. They gave away the best part of the show in the first episode. I knew something bad was going to happen, I just figured it would happen later in the season. The first episode made her look a little crazy as she was talking to a ghost the entire time.

That kind of plot twist you save for the end the season or the series finale, but to waste in on the first episode was a rookie move. It tore at the hearts of the viewers and got your attention but afterward, you were left wondering, what’s next?

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Mark Wilson
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