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Power: Dre may be the only one seeing the bigger picture

Much like The Wire, Power is based on street life. While some will see Ghost as the one who made it out and did good for himself, he’s still battling with his inner demons. His partner Tommy is a loose cannon but he’s as loyal as they come. Ghost has made enemies over the years but his biggest enemy may not even know he’s the enemy yet. Dre has grown into the role as Ghost’s right-hand man as far as the legal side of things goes. But Dre has bigger plans.

Dre is a former street soldier who gave his loyalty to Ghost but he’s also straddling the fence with Kanan.

To us, we see Dre in a suit making moves for Truth but beneath the fashion threads still lurks a hustler. His first order of business was to get in good with Ghost. Dre expressed how he wanted to get from off the corners and pledged to Ghost that he wanted to go legit like he did. Ghost took him under his wing and even entrusted Dre with his son Tariq. Dre has played his position rather well but you knew that a change was going to come sooner or later.

Kanan may have been the one to put the battery in his back but instead of taking the in your face approach that Kanan may have taken– Dre has played it smoothly. Fans think that Dre has taken on a darker role but I don’t think he has. Power is a show about the rise of a drug dealer but many still tend to forget that Ghost’s world still revolves around the code of the streets.

For all the expensive suits that Dre wears, he’s still a hustler underneath it all.

What Dre is doing this season is taking control of his own fate. Kanan may have forced his hand some with the threat towards his daughter but Dre is making moves to make sure he’s never in that situation again. Dre’s biggest problems were Kanan, Tommy and Julio. But with Dre getting Julio out the way and Kanan taking off with the money, he’s now down to one– Tommy. This is where Dre must be careful. Ghost is loyal to Tommy and if Dre makes one false move– that’s his life.

The power play he made towards Julio had to be done. While fans loved his character they forgot how the code of the streets go. Julio was beginning to feel himself as the new distro and all Dre did was remind him that at the end of the day– this is still a street game. Juilo was caught slipping and Dre calmly took advantage of it. As I sat and watch Sunday’s episode with my cousin, all she kept saying was that Dre was a snake. Never did she take the time to think back at how Julio’s been shady towards Dre.

Dre is loyal to Ghost but most of all he’s loyal to himself.

The moves he’s making is to set him up for a bigger prize. With Ghost looking to step away from the game, Dre saw an opportunity to step up. It’s a TV show but this is how the game is played. It’s either them or you and Dre is making sure he’s the last one standing at the end. You can call him a snake but what has he done any differently than Ghost, Kanan and Tommy?

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