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Premier League: Dont give EPL Title to Chelsea FC just yet

There’s nothing greater than “clutch time”. In sports, it’s exciting to watch Kobe Bryant take that last second shot or Derek Jeter at the plate with 2-outs in the bottom of the ninth in a tie game with a runner in scoring position. It’s those moments we as sports fans live for. Well, here is something I just learned this year, soccer is just as exciting. The Premier League is closing in on the EPL Championship and while it looked as if Chelsea FC would run away with the title, they now find themselves in a fight with Tottenham Hotspur.

Chelsea leads the League with 78 points thanks to a hot start. However, Tottenham, thanks to their 6-match winning streak, coupled with Chelsea throwing away 3 points against Crystal Palace on August 1st and it’s clear the race is not over. The loss, while swept-under-the-rug could prove to be hurtful as Chelsea looks to stake claim to the Championship.

Why should Chelsea be worried?

Remember in 1997 when Arsenal sat 13 points back in December and staged an epic comeback to win the title? It may not be the same as what we’re witnessing now but Chelsea FC is only up 7 points with 7 games left. To make matters more interesting is the fact they still have to play Manchester United, Southampton, Everton, Watford, Middlesbrough, West Brom and Sunderland. Neither team is to be taken lightly. While Chelsea has a rough schedule ahead of them, Tottenham, on the other hand, is harder.

With games still to come against Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Arsenal, Man U, Hall and Leicester, the comeback could be in the making for the Spurs. However, it won’t be easy. Chelsea’s remaining schedule will feature teams with 72 combined wins while the Spurs’ combined opponents total equals 77. Chelsea may have given up a few points on the tables but they are fighters and now that the pressure is building we get to see what they’re made of. Seven points seem like a lot but it’s not. Mind you, Manchester United are the “king of draws”. If they can manage to either beat Chelsea or tie them next weekend and the Spurs handle Bournemouth then this gets really interesting.

It’s far from over and the fat lady has not warmed up yet but the Spurs work is cut out for them. One slip up and that’s it. Chelsea has wiggle room but cannot afford to give hope to any team. As hot as the Spurs have been lately, Chelsea has been that way all season. The window is open for Tottenham to peek their head through but can they manage to get their entire body inside before Chelsea closes it for good?


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