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Pretty Little Liars: 3 questions that must be answered in Playtime

The 7B season premiere of Pretty Little Liars is less than a week away and as a writer I am overjoyed. No more countless articles about the final 10 episodes, now we can get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes this show so special. However, we are still left in the dark as to what will happen in Playtime. It looks as if both Spencer and Toby are being rushed to the hospital, the girls think ‘A’ is no more until they get a mysterious gift that lets them know that the game is back on.

Here are 3 questions that must be answered in Playtime.

1-) Where the hell is Jenna?

According to Hanna, “Jenna walked into a closet”. At the end of The DArkest Knight, Jenna was seen to be dragged away by Uber A right after the gunshot and fight. ‘A’ has Jenna in the back of a van– but where are they going? Is ‘A’ taking Jenna someplace to kill or congratulate her? Jenna being taken away was more like a rescue than a kidnapping so it may be safe to say that if Jenna wasn’t Team A before then, she is now.

2)- Does Spencer accept the fact that Mary Drake is her mother?

As Spencer rode in the back of the ambulance the paramedic asked her “What’s your mother’s name”. At that point, Spencer blacked out and never got to answer. But if she did– what would her answer have been? While Spencer was bleeding out at the end of 7A, Mary delivered the news that she was her real mother. It may take a while and some heavy investigating for Spencer to get to the truth, however, in the meantime, will she accept what was told to her? And where did Marry run off to?

3)- What’s in that big box with the red bow?

The girls have one of their Batman-like mass text go out and as Aria (who’s always late) walks in the Liars part like the red sea and on the table sits a large black box with a red ribbon. As Aria opens the box the camera fades to black and we’re left wondering what’s inside. Maybe it’s Jenna’s head or some body part. Maybe it’s Mary Drake or a map to find ‘Uber A’. Whatever it is, it probably will be the key to the beginning stages of “End Game”.

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