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Pretty Little Liars: 5 things we learned from ‘The Wrath of Kahn”

In Season 7, Episode 9 of Pretty Little Liars titled “Wrath of Kahn”,  the liars, most notably Hanna, is ready to take the fight to AD, Uber A, Noel Kahn or whoever has taken on the mysterious killer role. Season 7 has not been like the other season, as the Liars have been forced to play with the stakes on a larger scale.

Here are five things we learned from this week’s highly anticipated episode.

Aria and Jason are good together

When Aria took the coffee from Jason, she had a flashback to the mysterious time spent together. But throughout the show existence, we have come to love Aria and Ezra as a couple and have rooted for them to get back together. With the new Jason twist, we see Jason in a softer light, and I for one would like to see more screen time of them in a romantic way.

You could tell at the Adoption Agency their chemistry is real and there is still some hidden feelings between the two. She and Jason were together before she went to work at the Publishing Company where Ezra’s book was being edited as she had hopes that their paths would cross. Aria had a plan all along.

Emily’s Love Life Will Hurt The Liars

Emily must find a way to get her life in order. She is dying to be in love but has to keep track of too many secrets. Her new love interest Sabrina is too easy-going for my liking, and the return of Paige brings up too many red flags. Emily will either have to hurt Paige feelings or Sabrina’s which in turn will reveal one’s true intentions.

We have learned from the show that when a lover is scorned there is no coming back from that and they will be out to hurt anyone associated with the one that hurt them. Emily must be careful.


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Spencer Is The Key To Unlocking Everything

When Alison went missing Spencer took over as the leader of the Liars without knowing she did. The girls looked to her for answers and she often had them but what we are learning this season is that it’s more to her story then meets they eye.

We already know that Jason is Spencer’s half-brother which also makes her Alison’s sister as well so it’s only right she is the focal point of “AD’s” wrath. During her time in the Dollhouse it was made to belive that Spencer either hurt of killed someone when she awoke with blood on her hands but that turned out to be a ploy set up by Noel.

I have a gut feeling that Spencer will be the first to find out AD’s identity but it will be a secret that she will be forced to keep to herself forcing her to turn on the Liars in order to keep it safe.

Hanna May Have Caused More Damage

I admit, Noel is a douche but was he another victim of mind games? The Liars are looking for the second child of Mary Drake and that child may very well be Noel.

The killer is out for revenge of Charlotte’s death and may have no idea that Noel is her brother. But with Jason getting a redacted fax that was signed by Kahn’s father it’s starting to look as if Noel was adopted. If so, wouldn’t that make Noel a target as well?

If Charlotte was “A” and Noel was helping all along wouldn’t he be interested in knowing who killed her? I get that he thinks it’s the Liars, but when he finds out that it’s not them, he can turn his attention to the real killer while helping the girls. If Hanna has her way with him, then that help will no longer be available.

Trust No One

The Liars know this but still they forget it at times. Us as viewers can see certain things they cannot and my Spidey sense is tingling with the cop Marco, Sabrina, but most of all Paige. Marco just has this creepy vibe to him, and he is pushing up way too hard on Spencer for a person that spent 60 seconds with her in an elevator. One thing I learned with this show is, everyone is at a particular place for a reason. Marco came out of nowhere and now he is the lead detective and trying his best to get next to Spencer. Sabrina has this quiet, closet killer persona with her that if you were to turn your back there would be a knife sticking out of it. Paige is the absolute mystery.

Does she want the job or did Uber A send her there to help throw Emily off her scent? At times Emily is the clear-headed one but with Paige now back Em’s emotions will be all over the place. When Em called and told Paige to come over, she was in the process of stalking Sabrina at the coffee-house. Trust no one.

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