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Pretty Little Liars: ABC continues to destroy great shows

As a fan of ABC’s uber-popular Pretty Little Liars, I am a bit disgusted at the lack of creativity the writers have given us on Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars.

When I read that the show was returning, I was a bit perplexed, to say the least, thinking “What more could they do.” The girls were finally out of High School, “

When I read that the show was returning, I was a bit perplexed, to say the least, thinking “What more could they do.” The girls were finally out of High School, “A” was finally revealed and the big mystery would’ve been over, but ratings and a huge fan base will make a network see mirages when nothing is in front of them.

For six years we wondered, wished, prayed and argued over who “A” was and when we did find out it was a WTH moment that can never be taken back. All the mystery and the evil doings turned out to be transgender, who sort of dated her brother, now we find out was his cousin. That story arc alone is just too confusing. As much as I love the show, it’s becoming too much to follow and understand. My mental capacity is rather stable, but PLL must be stopped.

You need more proof, no problem.

Remember the innocence of the show, how in the beginning you adored the girls as the tried their best to stay one step ahead of “A,” who they thought was Jenna then Mona, who happened to be best friends with Hanna but then Mona switched sides and now she is down with the Liars. And where the hell is Toby’s blind sister? Anyway back to the story.

The show was fun in the beginning as you were left wondering what would happen next. I loved how each girl had their own personal demons to deal with but still managed to come together and work on a master plan. I admit, for adolescents they were dealing with too many grown up issues. Emily has dealing with her sexuality, Hanna, her self-esteem, Aria, her parents divorce and Spencer, the pressure from her family. But they had each other and their bond only got tighter once the first message appeared.


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Who didn’t know that Allison was still alive? It was a given, but it was played so perfectly that we still were in shock when she made her official appearance. We watched as lovers came and went, friends left or were either killed. But for all the great stories, plots, twist, and turns they gave us for six seasons we knew it had to come to an end.

However, Ratings were high and fans were asking for more, Freeform thought, why the hell not, we can get 1 or 2 more seasons out of the cast when they should’ve been asking if they could get the same from the writers.

My issue with Season 7 is, it has taken away from what made PLL so pure in the beginning. First off we know who the villain is, where is the fun in that? It turns out Allison’s new husband Dr. Elliott was in love with her sister/brother/cousin Charlotte, and since she was murdered, he is out for revenge. But it gets weird, as it turns out Allison has an aunt who is the twin sister of her dead mother, that somehow know one knew about and she is seeking revenge for her daughter Charlotte as well. What?

And those are just the villains; we haven’t touched on the main characters yet. This article will be long (excuse me while I go and delete some of the unnecessary stuff up top, I’m a fan and got a little carried away in the beginning). Done, thanks for being patient. Where was I. Oh yeah, the main characters?


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The Liars are everywhere, all one place but for the first time, they seem to be distant towards each other. Each has a new romance that turns into an old romance. One love triangle member is damn near accused another member of rape out of jealousy. Spencer loves Caleb but misses Toby, who is in love with another girl, yet Caleb likes Spencer but misses Hanna who just recently dumped her fiancé. Poor Emily is lonely and is looking for any kind of affection for any woman; Allison is in the nut house being tortured by her husband/almost cousin-in-law; and Mona is, well who knows, but I’m pretty sure by the time the season is over she would’ve done something miraculous that only she could save the day.

Freeform promised that this season would be darker, it’s not, it’s just all over the place. PLL is beginning to remind me of How I Met Your Mother. It started out great and we waited years to see who the mother was and when we finally did, we were pissed to find out she was dead the entire time. This is how I feel about Season 7, we got the identity of “A“, closed that chapter, now we have “AD“. Like you couldn’t come up with something better?

As I stated, I am a huge fan of the show, the writing was remarkable, the acting is excellent but it lost its way, and there may be no coming back from it. I will not be surprised if Charlotte is somewhere watching all of this and comes back in the last episode just to secure a Season 8.

Please, Freeform I beg you to do us all a favor before you entirely destroy the great memories we have. Can you please find it in your heart to send Pretty Little Liars out with style?

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