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Pretty Little Liars: Could Jenna Be A.D.?

The Pretty Little Liars crew are back to fighting for the lives in the latest episode. A mysterious phone call is the center of attention as Hanna receives a call with a voice on the other end that sounds a lot like the supposedly dead Elliot Rollins/Archer Dunhill.

Before you continue, there are Pretty Little Liars spoilers below. Proceed with caution.

After informing the rest of the girls of the phone call they scatter to deal with personal issues to try to feel some calmness as they get deeper in this deadly game of cat and mouse. Aria wanted to let Ezra know what was going on and give him her answer to his marriage proposal, Hanna came clean about her breakup with Jordan, Emily wanted to spend some alone time with Alison and Spencer and Caleb decided to break it off.

As interesting as all that was there was a scene that wasn’t important until the end.

Emily found her way into Jenna’s room using her cover as a server to get in. Jenna, playing the flute had no idea Emily was in the chamber until Sara walked in and caught Em going through Jenna’s laptop. But that scene is where I hope I figured it all out.

Jenna’s laptop proved nothing when Emily was looking through it; we saw a file that had Charlotte’s name on but it all seemed to be a waste of time until last 5 seconds of the show when we were shown Spencer and Hanna being recorded while digging up Elliott’s grave. Now, I’m no Microsoft engineer, but I do have eyes, and if I’m not mistaken, that was the same laptop that was on Jenna’s desk.

I have said this for years, what if Jenna is not blind?

She seems to be in all the right places at the right time, seems to stop just when need be and on Episode 5, I noticed her turn in Emily’s direction at the hotel. Something isn’t right with her. As Sara was warning Emily about a possible threat, Jenna overheard and stopped Sara cold in her tracks, then a few hours later Sara was found dead in the hotel room bashed over the head with something. I find this odd because Sara has been through the ringer like the Liars, managed to survive it all, but a few days with Jenna in her life and she ends up dead.

Maybe I’m reaching here; maybe the writers are making it too easy which is what they want then hit us with a bigger mystery in the end or maybe I am right, and Jenna is the real killer and had us fooled all along.

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