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Pretty Little Liars: Could there be a Emily, Alison spinoff in the works?

With a little over a week left until the Pretty Little Liars 7B season starts the cast took to the Paleyfest Panel and tried their best to not let out any secrets about the upcoming final 10 episodes or the future. However, one of the cast members may have spilled the beans on a possibility that drove the crowd wild.

When a fan asked as about the possibility of an Emison spinoff, Shay Mitchell replied ““Would you guys be interested in seeing that?”. That was enough to drive the fans insane. But what does that mean for Alison and Emily storylines as the show comes to a close? If there are talks of a spinoff that feature the two actresses then that means that both have survived ‘Uber A’.

Then, to add more optimism to their union, show creator, I. Marlene King went on to say this.

“Alison sort of hasn’t dealt with her sexuality, and these [remaining] episodes are about Alison trying to figure out what her sexuality is — and Emily plays a big part of that,”

It’s all speculation but it shows how much fans have turned around in terms of their interest in ‘Mean Girl’ Alison. At first, she was Public Enemy No.1 but after she came back to Rosewood, she seemed to be a bit softer and kinder. As far as her relationship with Emily, they are one of my favorites as you can see in this link.

If the producers of Pretty Little Liars could pull this spinoff together it will give the fans and the supporters of the LGBTQ community a show with substance instead of the cruel back-handed jokes we see on TV today. As for the fans of PLL and most notably, Emison it will give us more time to spend with a couple that we’ve secretly had a crush on for years.

There was no denying the attraction that Emily had for Alison yet it may have taken Ali a while to realize her feelings for Em. At the conclusion of 7A we finally got to see Ali and Em together and it just made sense. However, there is still the mystery of the father to Alison’s baby that she’s carrying. Now, with this being PLL there is no concrete proof that the child has a father. Remember when Emily donated her eggs for money then they went missing? Now Alison is pregnant.

The final 10 will feature a lot of scenes with Alison and Emily as they explore the possibility of a relationship but with the way Shay posed that question, it’s almost a sure bet they end up together in the end.


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