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Pretty Little Liars: End Game must be better than Lost and How I Met Your Mother

Pretty Little Liars has a chance to end their successful run on a high note when the series concludes in 2017. While that may sound easy, in TV it almost never is.

Remember Lost and How I Met Your Mother

Those were two highly successful shows with huge followings but the ending of each series left fans disappointed. Lost ended with all characters being dead the entire time after we followed their lives only to be crushed at the outcome. H.I.MY.M had everyone guessing who the mother was only to find out she died the moment we got a chance to meet her.

Not that we wasted our time but we were not rewarded for years spent guessing and cheering for certain characters only to find out that common sense played a huge role in the outcome. 

I don’t want to rely on common sense, I want something that’s going to make me stand up and cheer. An ending to a series like Pretty Little Liars should floor you, make you want to go back and re-watch the entire series for hints that we missed the first and second time around. Pretty Little Liars has and chance to succeed where others failed.

For seven seasons we have wondered who has been terrorizing these ladies. When the big reveal of ‘A’ came we were stunned. Not because of the person but due to the way it happened. 

PLL is a mystery show. Not a comedy in which there is a new storyline every week. The entire series is based on mystery and fans ability to follow a story. Who is ‘A’?

The Charlotte reveal was too easy and felt a bit out-of-place. If it would have been a main character then that might have set off TV history alarms but we were giving a slap in the face instead. 

Charlotte is supposedly dead now and someone is out for her revenge. 

This is where Lost, lost their audience. We never for once thought that the crew was dead. Everything seemed so real, but the show went sideways with the alternate universe season and some fans all but gave up. It’s the same with H.I.MY.M. Who did the yellow umbrella belong to? Once we found that out, the writers killed her off and Ted ran back to Robin.

I don’t know what to expect from the series finals of PLL but I do know that I don’t want to see the end credits roll and I’m looking at the screen ready to punch a hole through it because they dropped the ball.

Floor me, surprise me but just don’t upset me. We’ve come too far to be let down again. 


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