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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 8: Theories, questions and confusion

Episode 8 of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 aired Tuesday night and started with a bang. Nicole just may be alive, and it has some distance between Aria and Ezra. Emily is interested in becoming the swim coach for Rosewood High, but there’s a problem, Hanna gets a visit from an old friend, Spencer is still channelling her inner Bill Gates, and Alison went back to teaching.

Questions and Confusions

The Pretty Little Liars are all over the place this season as confusion has been part of the writer’s plan I guess. Season 7 is nothing like the other seasons; it seems as the show was off the air for a few years and came back with entirely new writers seeking a new direction. After watching Ex’s and OMG, I left with a few questions myself.

Why did Aria tell Ezra she deleted the call? There was no way he was ever going to find out about it. Nicole can say she called, and someone picked up but this is Aria we’re talking about, she is one of the best Liars on the show, she couldn’t worm her way out of something so small? And why would the writers bring (attempt) Nicole back into the picture when the season started with Ezra and Aria apart, only to bring them back together, about to be married and now this Nicole situation? Not a good move. Does Uber A have anything to do with this?

Poor Emily, she was offered a job that seems right up her alley, but somehow, all the way in California word gets back to Paige about the opening and boom there she is. Is it me or does Paige look a little off, like psycho off? Her first seasons on the show she was all sweet and kind but now, now she has this eerie vibe to her and Paige standing outside looking at Emily and Sabrina was classic A material.

What’s going on with Spencer? She is like the Google queen lately as she has all the info on everything going down, maybe her time with whiz kid Caleb paid off. She did have the funniest line in the episode; “Curve the perv”. LMAO.

I think the universe is paying Alison back for her years of abuse to people. What the students did to her on her first day back was rude but classic at the same time. At first, I thought it was her seeing things, but it happened. She needed that. Once she came back it was like everything she did was swept under the rug, “Poor Alley is back, let’s be nice”, no, she deserves some nastiness and the writers pulled that off great.

When did Hanna become so hardcore? Episode 8 was her coming out party as she turned into someone else. Hanna sees visions; no one believes her and she just snapped, but she still has that deep connection to Caleb and refuses to turn on him. What’s going on in that secret room with the newspaper in the window?


Hanna is going to kidnap Cole Haan and attempt to torture him for answers but who did she call for help at the end? At first, I thought it was Mona, but she mentioned money, Mona has always been her Ride or Die so I doubt that Mona would charge her, especially for something like this. So who could that be on the other end? That one has me stuck. Whoever it is I feel will be a big surprise.

Ezra will find that Nicole is dead, the writers have made it too easy to think that she is alive. But when he returns will it till be the same between him and Aria? I am not a big fan of throwing her back into the storyline but Ezra just got over her death, and now they want him to relive the situation again? Aria will be angry for the next few episodes as she wonders what’s going on with Ezra as he awaits word on Nicole. So, expect plenty of short answers and quick-tempered moments from Aria.

Spencer is the intriguing one as her story has been focused on love and heartache but I have a feeling that she will be the next one to feel the wrath of AD, it’s her turn, and she has nothing to lose like the others do. Be on the lookout for a kidnapping or a classic beatdown by AD.

Emily is in trouble. Paige is back, her high school love and now that Em is involved with Sabrina, I feel as if Paige will do something devious. Remember Paige was once evil before she met Em and changed her ways, so we know she has it in her. I can’t see her hurting Emily but hurting or killing Sabrina may be the direction we see this storyline heading towards.

Allison will be the first to find out AD’s identity. The series has been about her; it’s only right that she gets to see the face of their enemy first. But with the way the story is headed this is a family member and will she have it in her to bring down another blood relative? First, it was her brother/sister/cousin and now it’s possibly another cousin, what will she do?

Episode 8, got off to a slow start, but we were supplied with plenty of information for the remainder of the season.

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