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Pretty Little Liars: It’s time for Mona to be included into the group

The identity of ‘A’ was a letdown of sorts but will the same be for ‘Uber A’? The Pretty Little Liars crew have been in a deadly fight for seven seasons and while Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Alison have held their own they are still short one member. While they have managed to stay alive most of their wins against ‘A’ would not be possible without Mona Vanderwaal.

Early on, Mona was seen as the enemy as the girls had it in their minds that she may have been the one behind Alison’s disappearance and all the terrible incidents. But, as time moved on, Mona had proven to be a valuable ally. She’s not as physically tough as a Hanna or Emily but she is by far the smartest and most deceitful as all the girls combined.

While Mona’s presence in Pretty Little Liars has dwindled in the past two seasons she must be a huge factor going forward in 7B. Some may ask why is Mona so important? It’s simple. The girls cannot win this fight without her services.

Mona has the wits to flush the killer out but for some reason, the girls have decided to keep her at a distance. Mona has worked for Charlotte and has even fooled the girls in thinking she was ‘A’ so why has she not been featured more lately? It’s time for girls to invite her into the circle. There’s still hatred between Mona and Alison but they have managed to make it work when it was all on the line.

As good as ‘Uber A’ has been, I still believe that Mona is better. She has kept the girls safe and managed to keep herself out of harm’s way as well. Before ‘A’ strikes Mona usually has the plan well thought out in terms of a counterattack. She’s a master at disguises and can be as manipulative as the next person which makes her the perfect person to have on your side.

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