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Pretty Little Liars: What we learned from DArkest Knight

The Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars aired Tuesday night and boy it was more than I bargained for. I have my theories, and I will gladly share them with you in a few but raise your hand if you knew what was going to happen. The DArkest Knight was by far the best episode of 7A. It had everything we wanted as most of our questions were answered, but it also left us wanting more in the end.

With the series coming to an end in April the writers have left us in a frenzy. For the next six months were are left to do nothing to speculate if Spencer will die, who is A.D, is Toby gone, will Alison have the baby and more?

Before going any further, I would like to say thanks to my supporters in all the Pretty Little Liars groups on Facebook that take the time out to read my weekly recaps. I know it’s weird sharing your space with a guy but without you, I wouldn’t be able to do this. Thanks to all of you, too many to name. LOL

Here are my thoughts on Tuesday’s episode.

Hanna has officially reached Mona status

Throughout the show, Hanna has been the pretty blonde but season 7A she has turned into something completely different. In The DArkest Knight, she took the episode by storm and let the Liars, “A.D.”, the cops and everyone else know that the stakes just got higher, maybe even deadlier. Her teaming with Mona was a situation in the making, and the writers brought it all together so lovely.

Alison is pregnant, but now what?

Alison dropped the bomb we saw coming for weeks that she is pregnant. Her life is truly in jeopardy now if A.D. realizes that she is carrying Archer’s baby.

This is the end of Ezra of Aria

It was confirmed that Nicole is still alive as Ezra lied to Aria. Aria caught the news and was able to hide her disappointment, but I was left wondering if Ezra was going to spring the news to Aria when he and Nicole walked through the front door?

Emily and Alison feelings towards each other finally came out

From the beginning, there was always a spark there, and while the writers toyed with us, they finally let it happen. There was no need to be in total shock, and I was happy that it went down the way it did. But Paige poses a different set of issues as you could clearly see the jealousy on her face and when did she and Emily become a couple again. Paige is clearly a lunatic just waiting to explode.

Jenna is blind

She had me fooled, I admit. I always thought the Jenna was playing the long, con pretending that she was blind to throw everyone off but when the writers had a chance to reveal the secret they didn’t.

Spencer is Mary’s child

This was speculated especially with her family known for being compulsive liars and hiding more secrets that a Presidential candidate. But what does this mean for Spencer? All along it was her sister “A” that was trying to kill her, making us wonder if Spencer was always the intended target from the beginning. Remember when Alison first vanished it was Spencer that caught up with her, it was Spencer they made it seem killed Bethany and buried her. As we kept our focus on Alison and her disappearance it was Spencer, we should’ve kept our eye on.

Is Toby dead?

It sure seems that he and his fiancé were killed during what will look like an accidental car crash, but now that we found out Spencer is Mary Drake’s child it all makes sense. If you can’t kill her or the closest to her, take out the next best thing, her love interest. It seems symbolic now with the last kiss she gave Toby.

Last but not least, who is A.D.?

My money is on Caleb. More on that later.

To be continued…


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