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Pretty Little Liars: Let’s be honest, Endgame will disappoint someone

From the beginning, Pretty Little Liars was not what you expected when you saw the first promo or picked up the book. From the outside looking in– it looked to be geared toward Generation Next. Oh how we were wrong.

For 7 seasons the show has kidnapped us into a world filled with intrigue, lies, humor, family, love, friendship and most of all– death. Think about that for a moment and try to picture Rosewood as a happy place. It just doesn’t fit– does it?

For 7 months we waited, plotted, offered theories and rewatched the show over and over in search of clues as to who would want to hurt the girls and their loved ones.

So I ask you this– at what point did you ever get the feeling that this will all end in a happily ever after moment?

It’s reported that relationships will play its course and at least one will end up married. But how do we know which one? What if it’s all a game that Uber A makes them play? There’s a scene where all the girls are pictured in a wedding dress. Will that not break your heart to see none of them end up together? I love Hanna and Caleb but if they’re not the ones to end up together, that’s a letdown for me. What about the fans of Ezra/Aria, Spencer/Tobey or even Emily/Alison? How would they feel if their couple did have that walk into the sunset, holding hands ending?

On the flipside of the coin– are we positively certain that we won’t get a Charlotte reveal moment? After all the chasing, guessing and when ‘A’ removed the hoodie we were shocked that it was Charlotte who also happened to be Charles. Huh???

This can not happen again but in all honesty, it very well can.

How many great shows have we seen over the years just fade into the black with an ending that left us wondering or yearning for more? Remember LOST, How I Met Your Mother or most recently, Castle? All had successful runs with storylines that kept you guessing. However, when it came down for that final sendoff we were left looking at the screen as if someone just kidnapped our only child.

Pretty Little Liars cannot do that to us. It can’t, we’re owed more than someone killing Uber A only to see the body gone when the camera flashes back to it.

Be we must remember this is television and with the way the cast and I. Marlene King have been throwing hints of a possible reunion, spinoff or movie– we may be in for something of that magnitude.

I just don’t want to be wondering who is who and what is what well after the final credits for Endgame have aired.


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