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Pretty Little Liars: Moment of truth; Emily must choose between Paige and Alison/Baby

We saw this coming once Emily’s eggs were stolen and Alison found out she was pregnant. The writers tried their best to mask it with Alison being married but we knew. Pretty Little Liars has more twist than a Twizzler but if you pay close enough attention, then the answers are right in front of your face. However, now that Alison and Emily know the truth– what happens next? And most importantly– how will Paige react to the news?

Earlier in , Paige and Emily had their emotional standoff come to an end with the decision that Paige will not take the job in Iowa but remain in Rosewood to be with Emily. After a passionate kiss, we found out that Emily and Alison will become parents. What makes this more disturbing is that Emily just finished confessing to Paige that there is nothing going on between her and Ali. Now this.

Emily, never one to make the best decisions will now be faced with the hardest of her life.

For years, she has loved Alison and not just on a friend level like the other girls. Em’s were more along the lines of the heart but it was always something missing– Alison. Ali knew the hold she had on Emily but continued to string her along regardless. But when Alison disappeared, it left Em alone and she was forced to grow up and move on. After a few heartbreaks, stalkers and deaths, Em has managed to find her way back to Paige.

But for how long?

Truth be told, Paige was always the consolation prize for Emily. Her top choice was and always will be Alison. And now with a baby in the picture how can she compete with that? The scariest possibility to consider is– what will Paige do to Emily or Alison? I can’t see Paige bringing any harm to Em, however, Alison is a different story. Paige and Alison hold their ill-will towards each other in the open, often putting Emily in the middle. How will Em respond when the attacks start now that Alison is carrying her child?

The logical road to take will be to put Alison and Emily in a relationship but when has Pretty Little Liars ever done the conventional thing?

Poor Emily. Her first love vanished, she found a new one only to have the first return and the new one vanish. Now they both are back and there’s a baby caught in the middle.

Choose wisely, Emily.

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