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Pretty Little Liars Reunion could be in the future according to I. Marlene King

It’s not over yet b******. 

According to I. Marlene King:

 “I think we live in this fabulous world where there are so many ways to revisit characters and worlds,” executive producer I. Marlene King said of a potential reunion after the Freeform drama airs its final 10 episodes later this year. “I feel like we’ll find a way to bring these characters and this world back together at some point in time. I don’t think it will be in two years, but at some point in time, I hope so.”

These are the words fans have been waiting to hear since we found out Pretty Little Liars will be ending its run in 2017. What this could mean is that none of the main Liars will die in the remaining 10 episodes starting in April. While the Pretty Little Liars fan base is indeed huge, it still doesn’t work without all five girls. What will be the need to do a reunion if one dies during the final?

We will get another time jump according to King. At least a year into the future and that may explain the Alison as a teacher writing on the chalkboard scene that we’ve been waiting for. If that is so, then that means that the girls left Rosewood yet again and came back for Alison. Just so many theories to throw out there it will drive you insane. But I love it.


I always thought that we should get a spinoff featuring the Liars and maybe their kids as they could be put in the same situation. Maybe King and her staff have plans, but for now, all we want is the final 10 and what comes after that we will deal with then.

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