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Pretty Little Liars Rumors: Are the leaked 7B spoilers true?

As we draw to a close in the Pretty Little Liars series there have been countless rumors and theories as to how the show will end. Loyal fans have stalked the Twitter account of creator I. Marlene King in hopes that she will provide just a bit of insight as to what End Game will be. But she has provided no such information.

Fans have until April to keep coming up with their own End Game and while that has been fun, we’re still eager to see the official results. Well, earlier Thursday, the internet was set on fire with a post from an unknown source stating that he/she was an insider and was there for the final shooting of the show.


Now that we have the image, let’s take a look at a few points this person makes.

Uber A is Melissa Hastings and Melissa is really Mary Drake’s daughter. Ok, now that is just stupid. It’s one thing to have Charlotte be MD’s daughter then to be revealed that Spencer is also her daughter, now they want us to believe that Melissa is her’s as well. Sorry not buying that.

Mona killed Charlotte is possible but somehow I just cannot see Mona doing it and especially not for the reason giving. The show never once stated that Mona and Charlotte ever had any interaction and with Charlotte being ‘A’, I’m pretty sure she would have seen Mona intentions comings.

Jenna’s true motives will be revealed. They were revealed in the first season unless she all of a sudden forgot why she hates the girls in the first place and thought up a new reason to want them dead. She feels they blinded her. Is that not motive enough?

As you can see, these rumors have nothing to do with any of the real main characters. Like who gets married? Does Alison keep the baby or will Paige seek revenge for thinking that Emily left her for Alison? These are the spoilers that we want to see, not these.

Until April we will get nothing but guesses and I admit these did nothing for me.




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  1. i don’t believe it the true of what happen on the show will be when it airs that’s what i believe April 18 they always going t

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