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Pretty Little Liars Rumors: A spinoff featuring the Liars kids and a new “A”?

After seven seasons the Pretty Little Liars crew will say their farewells as it was just announced today by executive producer, Marlene King, and the Liars that this will be their last season. Tuesday will be the 7A summer finale and when the show returns it will end in April 2017.

But look at it on the bright side, we will finally get to know who “A,” “Uber A” or “A.D.” is. At least we hope so; you never know with this show. As a faithful watcher, it will be hard to see the girls walk away, as we have watched them from confused baby-faced suspects to brilliant strategist. With each passing episode that we have left, we must enjoy and embrace what little time we have with the Liars.

There are rumors of a spinoff, but with some of the cast not sold on the idea it leaves us to wonder will they start over completely or continue with who wants to return?

Maybe the entire cast does not have to come back, maybe there can just time jump 15 years ahead after the PLL series finale, but this time do it all over, with the Liars children being tormented by a new “A”? We fell in love with the show as we watched these teenagers deal with their friend’s death, the possibility that she was still alive and then the horror of someone trying to kill them due to their allegiance. We watched their love lives blossom and fall apart, watched family secrets destroy some, but to get a chance to see it all again with fresh new faces would be the total grand prize for spending seven seasons with these ladies.

I would hate to see some go but maybe down the line, they could come back for a cameo. We have no idea who will live or die as the show inches towards the end but wouldn’t it be great to see the kids of Aria and Ezra or Jason, Spencer and Toby or Caleb or Marco? What about Hanna and Caleb. I can see Emily and Alison not returning, but Auntie Mona must be brought back for her conniving ways. Maybe they all have moved out of Rosewood, and an event forces them to come back to, perhaps the death of Alison or Emily?

The remaining girls move their families back to where it originated thinking the nonsense was over until one of the kids gets that message. “I’m back, Bitches…A”

The possibilities this show could have. It hasn’t aired yet, and I’m already excited.

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