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Pretty Little Liars series finale photos reveal 3 big questions

The still shots from the Pretty Little Liars series finale are finally here. Fans have waited 7 years for this and what show creator I. Marlene King provided us is sure to have PLL Theories in overdrive. There were two shots provided. One was of Emily, Hanna, Alison, and Spencer offering what looks like to be a goodbye to Aria. The second shot was of Veronica Hastings walking Jenna out the door of Hastings & Hastings Law Offices.

Let’s break down the first photo. (EW has photo)

To be fair we have no idea of when this photo actually takes place. It could be the very beginning of the 2-hour finale, the middle or the end. What we do know is that someone is leaving and it looks to be Aria. However, the questions looming are why and with who? Last we knew, Aria and Ezra are set to be married and if you look closely, you could see that Aria has a diamond encrusted band on her ring finger. Aria has been known to be the most daring of the girls when it comes to fashion as she has always worn more than one ring on each hand. But the one she has on now stands out more than the rest. Could she and Ezra be on their way out of Rosewood for good after their wedding?

Another theory to point out in that picture is the weight of Alison. Alison and Emily are expecting a child and by the considerable weight loss in her face, you could tell she is no longer carrying. Did Alison decide to go against her plans and have the abortion or did she deliver a healthy baby?

Let’s break down the second photo. (EW has photo)

Hastings & Hastings Law Offices. I seriously doubt that Veronica and Peter decided to go into business together so that could mean that Veronica and Spencer joined forces and became partners in a small law firm in Rosewood. The Jenna scene could mean that she came to the Hastings for help with a legal matter. Could Jenna be a prime suspect in someone’s death? Did Jenna end up killing A.D. and has to find someone willing to get her off the hook? The other noticeable thing I saw in that photo was a ringless Spencer.

Since we learned that Toby’s wife had passed away “Spobey” fans were in full cheerleader mode as a possible reunion might take place. But the photo shows no sign of such reunion. For one, there is no ring and secondly, Spencer is still carrying the last name Hastings and not Cavanaugh.

Please keep in mind that these are all theories and may not be true but as a Pretty Little Liars fans isn’t that what we do best anyway?

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