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Pretty Little Liars: Spencer Hastings needs to stop the spoiled B*%#@ act and focus

For the past 7 seasons of Pretty Little Liars, we’ve noticed the change in the girls. Some have been for the best, while other have gone a bit off the deep end. As the show winds down we finally may be witnessing the emotional breakdown of Spencer Hastings. It should be no surprise as she has been the rock that has held the girls together through their tough times. However, everyone has their breaking point.

With the news that Mary Drake is indeed her birth mother, my heart did go out to Spencer. However, she’s treating her mother, Veronica as if she’s the one that went out and had the affair.

I get it Spencer, you’re mad but taking your anger out on Veronica is not helping. It’s no secret that the girls in Rosewood live a pretty privileged life. Big houses, two parent homes, cars while in high school and the freedom to do whatever they please when they see fit. So yes, we should expect them to be a bit spoiled. However, their lives are also filled with murder, mystery, and lies.

What Spencer is going through is rough but she’s acting like a 3-year old who just got beat for eating glue instead of a grown woman fighting for her life. Ok, Mary is her mother and Veronica isn’t but how does that take away everything Veronica did for her since she was a baby? How many people will accept the offspring of their husband’s lust and go along as if she gave birth?

Veronica is a noble woman despite my theory that she may be A.D.

Her husband cheated on her twice which resulted in not one but two kids from other women and yet, she still stayed in his corner. That’s a strong woman who any of the girls should look up to, especially Spencer. While Spencer is dealing with her own relationship issues as she lost Toby to Yvonne, Caleb to Hanna and had a few quickies with Detective Marko and Wren. It’s clear Spencer needs to take some advice from Veronica.

But even with the news that her mother is not actually her birth mother– should Spencer be forgiven for acting the way she is now towards Veronica? She has stated that her father is avoiding her but guess what Spencer– Veronica is not. She’s there in your face, told you the truth and still loves you. But, you can’t see through the hurt and by doing so, you just started a game with A.D. that may have you and your friends end up dead.

It’s time Spencer fully accepted the truth, grow up and focus on the bigger picture like who’s trying to kill her and her friends. Spencer’s mommy issues will work themselves out.

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