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Pretty Little Liars: The Broadway Musical?

When Pretty Little Liars begins its final set of episodes in April there will be one where we are treated to a musical. I remember watching an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that was set in that tone and I admit, it was one of the best episodes I watched. Not sure if Buffy was the first to do it but since then others have taken noticed and followed suit.

Pretty Little Liars is taking a chance by doing so but, if done right, it could be a huge hit. 

Thinking ahead led me to wonder what if PLL were to hit the Broadway stage in New York, could it work? Yes, and her is why. Broadway shows are magical, they give the audience a story to follow set in different times and with compelling characters. Right now, name a show on TV that has a better storyline than Pretty Little Liars?

Much like the popular Phantom of the Opera the main character in PLL will wear a mask. We are seven seasons in and we still have no idea who the real killer is on the show. Transfer that to a stage and the audience will be left in suspense until the final reveal. Now, here is how PLL can add something different every week to their Broadway show.

Every show ends the same but people still pay the big bucks to see it anyway. Well, with the PLL stage play they could alternate ‘A’s’ character, like have one of the show’s main characters be ‘A’ every week. Imagine the audience getting a chance to see their favorite characters make a surprise appearance on any given night.

The mask is taken off and you see either Lucy Hale, Trojan Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell or Sasha Pieterse. That will send any hardcore fan into shock. But, for the people who have never seen the TV show, it will give them a glimpse into what they have missed for seven seasons. If there is one show that can pull this off, Pretty Little Liars is the one.


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