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Pretty Little Liars: The Ezra scene that gave us the chills

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How does, what is considered a teeny show capture the hearts of grown folks and we not be ashamed to say we love it? That’s the question I often ask myself when watching Pretty Little Liars. When my daughter first introduced me to it was by mistake. I overheard she and a friend discussing some “A” character and who they thought it was. I paid it no mind and kept doing what I was doing. Then the following week, while I was in the dining room writing a sports article she was in the living room (clear site to the TV) I listened and watched and she started jumping up and down when she thought Ezra was “A”.

As she went crazy I sat there looking at her, then the TV, then back at her and thinking “this damn child done lost her mind. It’s a TV show”. After that episode went off she ran to the table to try to explain when just happened. I closed my laptop and listened as my daughter explained (out of breath) what happened. A supposedly 5 minutes conversation turned into a 60 minute rundown of Pretty Little Liars and the very next day I promised to sit and watch it all from the beginning.

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That was 2 years ago.

Now, as a full member of the Liars camp, I have grown to love the show. I will not reveal my reaction when I finally caught up to that same scene but I understood where her emotion came from. I saw when it happened as my daughter first watched it but me seeing it for myself after following the storyline blew me away.


At that time it made sense. Erza was the character that just seemed out-of-place. A young teacher falling in love with one of the Liars, that he happened to meed in a bar, it all seemed to perfect. It was as if, he was placed there just to get in her life, which in turn would make him accessible to all the girls and possibly get any info he could about Alison. But as it happened we began to think it had to be him. He knew secrets that only somoene close to the Liars would know. We knew that “A” was strong so in turn it had to be a man. There were so many gadgets and travels that it had to be someone with money. Ezra fit the bill to a tee but nothing is as it seems.

So when that scene arrived it was a total shock to everyone and then it all made sense, Ezra was “A”. Or so we thought.



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