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Pretty Little Liars Theories: Which couple will be married on last episode?

Pretty Little Liars show creator Marlene King went twitter crazy with cryptic tweets about the last 10 episodes of her hit show. King talked about a murder, which we knew were sure to come but she also mentioned a wedding.


Since the birth of the show, romance has played a huge role. We have Toby and Spencer, Hanna and Caleb, the original lovers, Ezra and Aria. How can we forget the back and forth between Emily and Paige? But with talks of a wedding in the last episodes, the question looms. Who will be at the altar? Here are my Pretty Little Theories on who gets married.

Hanna and Caleb

This may be the most logical of the two since you can obviously see the love between the pair. With Caleb and Spencer now a thing of the past and with both Caleb ad Hanna expressing their love for one another during the DArkets Knight it only seems right that King will have them at the altar.

Spencer and Toby

Toby is not dead, King would not do that to us or Spencer. I believe his fiance is dead but to kill Toby off and take away Spencer’s true love will be a devasting blow, especially after learning she is Mary Drake’s child. Spencer will need a shoulder to cry on and Toby has always been that guy fo her. Their marriage makes perfect sense.

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Ezra and Aria

They are engaged, were engaged, who knows what will happen if the story of Nicole being alive is true. But the Ezra and Aria wedding look as if it will not happen, but it should. Much like the rest of the characters relationships, their’s has been from the beginning as well. The couple has been thru a lot together and it will be only right if King were to send them into wedding bliss but something will surely derail this wedding.

Emily and Alison

Why not? Their relationship has gone on well before the others. It seems, thru flashbacks that there was always chemistry between Ali and Em that has finally reached its boiling point. Now that they make their relationship official to the world , there will sure be plenty hell to pay, mainly from Paige. But to say that King won’t surprise us with this wedding shows that you have not been paying attention over the last seven seasons.



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