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Pretty Little Liars Theories: Who really shot Caleb?

If you’re just getting into the frenzy that is Pretty Little Liars, my word of advice is to watch then re-watch. It may sound stupid but trust me when I tell you, you will miss something your first go-around. Where some fans of other shows can’t stand to re-watch, it goes to show the brilliance of the show’s writers. That’s the reason for the countless Pretty Little Liars Theories.

Since the beginning of the show, we as fans have tried to figure out who the mysterious ‘A’ was. Countless theories later and we’re still clueless to a certain degree. Charlotte revealed herself to be ‘A’, however, there is another mystery at hand. Who is A.D.?

I, much like every other watcher have a theory and while I will continue to throw out different names, only one keeps sticking. Caleb.

I’ve mentioned Caleb’s name before as A.D. but after going through YouTube the other day, I ran across a scene that somehow got lost in the shuffle. In Season 3, (The Lady Killer) Caleb brought a gun in which he used to supposedly save Emily’s life from Nate.

What makes this scene stick out is a few things. First- Emily stabs Nate and he’s laying on the ground, supposedly dead when Caleb arrives with a gun in hand. Seeing Nate bleeding out, he puts the gun down and hugs Emily. Then we hear a shot go off and later Caleb is being pushed on a stretcher into an ambulance from a gunshot wound.

4 seasons later and we still have no idea who shot Caleb.

Theories say it was Nate who they figured wasn’t dead, got up, grabbed the gun and tried to shoot Emily but hit Caleb instead. Sorry, but I refuse to believe that. Nate was dead and if he did manage to get up, wasn’t Caleb facing his way and would have seen Nate move?

What I believe happened was– Either Emily and Caleb had to make the police look as if it was self-defense with a gunshot wound and Caleb asked Emily to shoot him in order to sell the story. Or, the truth finally came out about who one of them were and that’s when they decided to work together. No one ever said that A.D. was one person. Why can’t it be a group of people?

And secondly– when Spencer was shot we thought it was done by Jenna when in fact it couldn’t have been as Jenna had a .45 in her hand. Spencer, as we later found out was shot with a .22. If my eyes were not playing tricks on me, I believe that Caleb went into the Lighthouse with a black. 22. However, I know what you may be thinking. “Well, wouldn’t the cops have taken the gun for evidence”? Yes. But this is Rosewood and since when have the cops ever been able to outsmart ‘A’?

Just as easily as the as they took the gun, it could have been stolen right back. No one will ever think to look for a gun that’s supposed to be in Police custody right?

For the simple fact that Pretty Little Liars has never gone back to this storyline is proof that it may have played a huge part. As I. Marlene King said that the answers been there all along, we just overlooked them.


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