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Pretty Little Liars Theories: Why Caleb makes the perfect Uber A

As Pretty Little Liars winds down and we get ready to head into the final stretch of last episodes beginning in 2017 we are still left wondering who’s Uber A? We found out that “A” was Charlotte, but this new and improved “A” plays the game on a different level. This season is about revenge, and no one’s life is safe. You sort of felt the hesitation in the earlier seasons as there were chances to kill the Liars but maybe out of respect for her sister, Charlotte took it slightly easier on the girls. No such luck with Uber A.

But, who is Uber A? It can only be one person, Caleb.

Caleb is not the logical choice but, come on, this is PLL we’re talking about. Who saw Charlotte being “A”, let alone a transgender? Caleb makes since, at Least to me it does. Caleb, literally came out of nowhere as a hacker but let’s not forget he also started working for Jenna when we thought Jenna was “A” as he started to spy on Hanna.

Caleb as an orphan went from foster home to foster home,so who’s to say he didn’t meet up with someone who had a grudge against the girls and wanted revenge? Caleb has a mysterious past that none of the Liars know about that was revealed during his time in Ravenswood that should somehow make its way back into the storyline during 7B.

If the goal was to get into the Liars lives then what better way than to have one fall in love with you? Do you remember when we thought it was Ezra and how shocked we all were but, secretly the idea was genius. Now, imagine Caleb, and what he and Hanna have been through, now add the Spencer element to the equation and we have one big conspiracy going on.

The writer’s job is to keep you guessing, and they have done a wonderful job of that for 7 years. Not a single person expected that “A” was a female, let alone Alison’s sister/brother/cousin. It’s their purpose to keep us off-balance, but answer me this. When “A”, “Uber A” is striking, where is Caleb? Caleb has never been caught in the crossfire as much as everyone else. I mean, he took a bullet but normally that person dies, but Caleb has somehow managed to escape the clutches of evil.

Caleb is a hacker, the best hacker, but for some reason he can never fully get into “A’s” devices, thus, leaving the girls always one step behind. Is that done on purpose? For all that Uber A has done it requires money and while Caleb may have been an orphan, but let’s not forget his mother who lives in California has money now which Caleb can use at his disposal.

I never expected Caleb until The DArkest Knight, when for some reason it hit me when Spencer said “goodbye” to Toby after that kiss. I knew something would happen to Toby but the icing came when it was finally revealed that Spencer is Mary Drake’s daughter then this theory began to make sense.

Getting close to the girls was always the plan, but Caleb, he got extremely close. Mona and Jenna both have a connection with them but not like Caleb. He has been romantically involved with two, the main two that’s always in the crosshairs but also the same two that always seems to avoid the most danger. With the series coming to an end it was time to turn up the heat, hence the shooting of Spencer and possibly the death of Toby.

Let’s also take into account his failed relationship with Spencer. Not saying he didn’t love her but in the end she did dump him, just as well as Hanna did when she blew him off for her career. Those circumstances alone are extra motives. Caleb’s presence caused Hanna to call off her engagement, then she was kidnapped and tortured. Spencer was shot, and at the end, he dragged his old boss, Jenna away from the chaos. It’s amazing how everything came full circle.

PLL has been about big surprises and what would be a bigger surprise than finding out one of the members of the team is actually the one trying to take the team down? Caleb will be the perfect villain.


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