Pretty Little Liars Theories: Why Emily as Uber A makes perfect sense

One episode of Pretty Little Liars will make a detective out of you, it’s a given. The show has that kind of effect. But the kicker is, who do you investigate?

Do you pull the five ladies into separate interrogation rooms and try your luck? Do you follow them around town, hoping they make a mistake or do you just go in for the kill like ‘A’?

For seven seasons we have wondered who the mysterious person or persons that have been such a thorn in the girls back.

We have passed the mask to everyone the girls have come in contact with and we even have pointed the fingers at them. But what if ‘A’ was just an illusion, a lie or a decoy just setting up for the main event? For some reason, that’s how I felt when the mask was taken off and Charlotte emerged as ‘A’. It just didn’t feel real. No way this stranger to the girls could be this important figure in their lives.

It was too easy.

In my opinion, one of the girls is the mastermind behind all of this. The clues point to her.

Emily Fields.

I love Emily, for eye candy purposes but take a close look at her character, she’s clearly the black sheep. Everyone has a role they play in the grand scheme of things, but what’s hers?

Alison is the leader, Spencer the brains, Aria the investigator and Hanna is the tough one. But what’s Em, the swimmer, and peacemaker?

Something doesn’t sit right with me where she is concerned and that makes her the perfect candidate for Uber A.

Alison thought Charlotte was her friend when in reality Charlotte was her sister. But this is where Charlotte being ‘A’ makes no sense. Charlotte was never around the girls like that to know the intimate details of their lives. That alone made everyone believe that Alison was never dead and that she was ‘A’. I get that she and Alison could have shared many stories but Charlotte knew entirely too much info.

For someone to know the ins and outs of the girl’s lives, where to place cameras and their weak spots that info could only come from within. Please remember that a lot of this occurred after Alison was presumed dead.

Charlotte had no intentions of killing Alison. She wanted the girls dead. This was out of jealousy as she felt she needed her sister to herself but saw the girls as threats and needed to have them removed from the equation. All but one.


Throughout all the nonsense the girls had to endure, only one never met a true near death experience. The one time Emily was in danger, that’s the time Alison came from out the shadows and saved her life. It was all a plan to draw her out and it worked to perfection.

No one believed Em at first so she tried her best to convince them. But as you think back, what’s the one thing that Emily has always wanted? Ali’s attention and love. But how could she get that?

She put together a plan that was fool-proof.

Look at her love life. It’s a total disaster. From Paige on down to Samara. Nothing has ever worked, but that was all a play to get Alison jealous. Look at Alison relationships, they have all mysteriously ended due to unforeseen circumstances. Emily never wanted Paige or anyone else, her heart was with Alison. But Alison never returned that love and it drove Emily crazy.

When Alison came back, who always volunteered to go to the house and speak to her? Who tried to convince the other girls that Alison was not Uber A? But when Alison didn’t show that affection, Em stabbed her in the back by providing the cops with Ali’s coat. Em is a woman scorned and a woman with a broken heart is as dangerous as any army with guns.

But what convinced me that Em was Uber A was 7A.

Charlotte was dead, the girls had moved on with their lives but Emily was stuck in a rut. She knew Alison was back home taking care of Charlotte and felt the time was right to make a move on her friends, once and for all. Someone killed Charlotte, forcing the girls to return back to Rosewood.

Alison wad married, Sara and Jenna was getting close, she watched as her friends broke it off with strangers and got back to their normal lives, then she struck. Elliott first, then Sara, then Noel and for good measure, Jenna just happened to want revenge herself and put a bullet in Spencer.

But, in the end, she got the ultimate prize, Alison. Now, Alison is pregnant, possibly with Emily’s missing eggs. Now she’s beginning her End Game.

She has Alison all to herself, with a possible child on the way and her next plan is to take out the girls. She’s not ready to kill them yet, so she has decided to make them suffer a little first. The first move was to try to take out the one person Spencer holds dear, Toby. Aria is engaged to Ezra who might be coming back home with his ex, Nicole and we watched as she destroyed the innocence that Hanna had in her when she was kidnapped and tortured.

To the viewers, Em has a boring life, when in reality she just may be the most exciting character on the show.


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