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Pretty Little Liars: Top 5 characters over 7 seasons

It’s been seven seasons, seven seasons of mysteries, intrigue, love, lost, happiness, murder and just about any other emotion you can imagine. Pretty Little Liars has made me, a 40-year-old African-American male a believer and I have no plans of going anywhere.

Throughout the years we were introduced to a slew of characters that have graced the seemingly quiet streets of Rosewood. Some have been the quiet type, others, trouble makers and then you have the straight up killers. The story focuses on five girls, that turned to four, then to five again but the main characters are the five Liars.

I wanted to know, if put in a corner and asked, “who would your top 5 characters of Pretty Little Liars be”? Here’s mine.



Mona does not get the credit she deserves for everything she does, has done or is capable of doing. The questions will always linger if she is Uber A or if she has some sort of ties with the killer. From the first season, you could tell she was not to be taken lightly. Her friendship with the rest of the girls was non-existent but she and Hanna had a special bond, but it was broken when suspicions of Mona being ‘A” got serious. Mono is sneaky, conniving but she is also loyal. She wants to be a part of the Liars so bad she was willing to kill to take someone’s place. Lately, she has not been the main factor and for that certain scenes has suffered, but we should expect to see more of her in 7B.

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Caleb is still a mystery to everyone but Hanna, but she doesn’t even know the whole truth behind who Caleb really is and we might never know. Everything about him screams mystery, but he is still one of the best characters on the show. His love for Hanna has had them in so many fights that it’s almost routine, and we expect the next one. He has helped the Liars out of many jams with his hacking and detective skills that we have lost count Where would the Liars be without the help of the mysterious Caleb?


It took me a while to warm up to her but when looking back on the seven seasons, she may have been the bravest of them all. She wasn’t afraid to face Momo when they though she was “A”. If there is a dark room that needs to be searched, normally she is the first one thru, but my respect for her came this season. Hanna did a complete 180 and proved to everyone that she was way stronger than they gave her credit for. When she put the plan in motion to kidnap Noel she didn’t inform the girls for fear they would stop here, but she was determined. That scene with her reflection in the knife will go down in PLL history.


Jenna may not be Uber A but she is the real villain of Rosewood. It all started with an accident that left her blind but the ultimate revenge plan was set in motion and the best part is, we have yet to see it happen. Jenna is the scary part of the show, the wild card as every one of the Liars are afraid of her. They act as if they are not but you can see it on their faces when she comes around. Case in point: The summer finale. Jenna had a gun but she is still blind. While searching the house for the girls she could not tell they were right behind her, they had the drop on her, would’ve easily come from behind like Mary Drake did and knock her cold. But the fear they have towards her stopped the girls from making any moves. Her character is legendary.


I know we are past the whole “A” stage now with Uber A aka A.D. But for six seasons “A” was the reason we watched the show. She tortured the girls beyond belief and unlike A.D. it was done more mentally than physically. She brought them together, tore them apart on more than one occasion. Had an entire town thinking they were either, killers or had gone insane. She chased them to New York and Philly, had a group of helpers and still managed to stay unknown until the very end. Her reveal was the biggest of the show and till this day we are not sure if Charlotte was the real “A”. She was by far the best character on the show.





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