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Pretty Little Liars: Top 5 Theories on who A.D. aka Uber A is

Time is running out for the ladies of Pretty Little Liars. As Hanna, Emily, Aria, Spencer and Alison get set for their final showdown with A.D. aka Uber A they must first solve the mystery of who they’re facing. While Charlotte attacked the girls on a physical level, A.D. has put the girls through hell on an emotional aspect.

But the question still remains– who is A.D.?

Here are the top 5 choices on who the person behind Endgame is.


She is clearly the black sheep of the crew. The quiet one that’s always seen but never heard. Em loves the shadows, it gives her time to think and to react which makes her a perfect candidate for Uber A. But why Emily? What does she have to gain by getting rid of the other girls? The answer to that wasn’t so obvious until it was revealed that Alison is carrying Emily’s baby. Alison has always been Emily’s Endgame. She’s been in love with her friend for years and now that they will share a child together, it gives her an in. I don’t think Emily hates the others but a selfish person wants what she wants and she wants Alison.

Veronica Hastings

Veronica wasn’t a suspect until it was revealed that Mary Drake was indeed Spencer’s birth mother. With Veronica having to live with her husband Peter and his two affairs thus resulting in two kids, Veronica may have snapped. Think about all that she has gone through and tell me she doesn’t have a great reason to be Uber A? Veronica has lived next door to a woman and kid that her husband has ties to and watched as her daughter’s become friends with the child of that same family. Then you add-on the stress of knowing he slept with her twin sister– that’s more than enough to turn a person into a killer.


Let’s be honest here– who exactly is Caleb and where did he come from? He didn’t grow up with anyone in Rosewood and at first, he was one of Jenna’s original henchman sent to spy on Hanna and the girls. When AD strikes, Caleb is never around and if he is, it’s really never anything life threatening. Let’s also take into account his failed relationship with Spencer. Not saying he didn’t love her but in the end, she did dump him, just as well as Hanna did when she blew him off for her career. Those circumstances alone are extra motives. Caleb’s presence caused Hanna to call off her engagement, then she was kidnapped and tortured. Spencer was shot, and at the end, he dragged his old boss Jenna away from the chaos.


I always thought that Paige loved Emily too much to be Uber A. However, her actions, and demeanor once she returned back to Rosewood forced me to rethink my original stance. Paige has a deep hatred for Alison from all the torture she had to endure throughout their High School years. Now, with Emily back in her life ever-so-briefly, Paige managed to relax a little and take the high road. But when Emily dropped the bomb that Alison is carrying Emily’s child, Paige sort of turned again. She broke up with Em then snuck into Alison’s house to have a little heart-to-heart. Emily has always been the obsession of Paige and Alison was always in the way.


It’s the biggest theory floating around the internet now and when I first mentioned it I was laughed at. Now look. Spencer has a twin. She has to. The eerie scene with her, Wren and Ezra at the airport pointed towards it. But it goes deeper than that. When Hanna was trapped it was not a dream version of Spencer that helped her escape and sung her to sleep. The bigger question is– what version of Spencer is the evil one? Is it the one we’re just finding out about or the Spencer that we have known for 7 seasons? Evil Spencer may feel left out of all the fun with having friends and family and revenge is the only way she can get her emotions out.

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