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Pretty Little Liars: Was Spencer dreaming the entire episode of Playtime?

After Spencer was shot when she was riding in the ambulance the paramedic asked her what her name was. Spencer didn’t answer because she blacked out. But it was something weird in that scene that caught my attention right away. It looked as if Spencer entered a dream state. Far-fetched right– but remember this is Pretty Little Liars we’re talking about where anything can happen and normally does.

When the scene opened we saw Spencer looking through hazy eyes as the paramedic finally came into focus. I can’t recall the last time I was in an ambulance or a time that a doctor kept asking for my last name or Moms name but that felt a bit out of place. If this is normal procedure then so be it but it doesn’t excuse what happened next.

Spencer started to dream. You can tell by the way the camera faded and quickly into that dream-like shot.

What we saw next was the girls huddled in the waiting room where they noticed Toby being wheeled into the hospital but no one was freaking out. The girls may have been through a lot together but one of them getting shot and being near death was never the case. They were all a little to calm for the situation at hand.

Fast forward a week later and Spencer’s arm is in a sling. Mona is helping Hanna get her business back on track, Aria and Ezra haven’t mentioned the wedding, and Alison all of a sudden hate Emily’s guts. This is not the reality we left 7 months ago, this is some warped LOST alternate universe stuff happening here. This is all made up, all in the mind of Spencer. And to top it off, there is Toby still alive after an accident that should’ve clearly took his life.

That goodbye scene between she and him before Toby got in the car let us know that one of them was going to die. Now, they both are alive after coming this close to death. No way.

But what really got me was the scene with her mother or fake mom, Veronica. She comes home a WEEK later after finding out her daughter was shot and she comes alone saying her Dad had trouble with his passport. Huh? Then, the truth comes out so easily that Mary Drake was telling the truth that the entire scene almost feels like it was all made up.

The board game is another story but why is Spencer always the first to get either a text or some news from ‘A’? I guess we will find out more as the girls or Spencer continues to play the game.

Oh wait, why did ‘A.D.’ write out step by step plans of what she’s planning to do to the girls in braille and give it to Jenna– what was the point of that? Couldn’t she just sat her down and explained it to her? Jenna is blind, not deaf.

Dream away Spencer, you have to wake up sooner or later.

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