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Pretty Little Liars: What does I. Marlene King have planned next?

The mystery of Uber A is still out there but the biggest question of them all, is what next?

What does I. Marlene King do after such a big success? This was the same question we had for Jerry Seinfeld after Seinfeld went off the air. He didn’t disappear but he vanished in terms of TV. Will King leave us the way Jerry did or will she come up with something as clever as Pretty Little Liars?

The headaches she must get, with characters and storylines going through her head constantly. And I do feel sorry for her but, we want what we want. The Liars can ride off into the sunset after the series finale but we want and deserve more. Is there a spin-off in the works or something similar to PLL? Or, is there something cooking in that amazing brains of hers that will blow the show we have come to love out the water?

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Topping PLL will be hard, okay, it may be impossible but she has the most important element needed to get a show off the ground. A loyal fan base. The Liars fan base is one that is envied throughout the world. Look at me. I’m a 41-year-old African-American male who writes weekly theories and recaps on a show I probably have no business watching. But I am not alone.

I have no idea what I would like to see King do next, but I will say that she has earned a fan of her work for life in me. What she has been able to accomplish with PLL has been nothing short of amazing. When season 6 ended I figured this was the end. Actually, I wanted it to be the end as I didn’t want to tarnish the legacy of my favorite show. But, I’m glad I was wrong. The Summer Finale was awesome and while it brought so much together it left us wanting more.

That’s how I feel about King’s next project. As good as PLL has been, when those credits roll at the end, we will be left staring at the TV wondering if King will give us what we want.

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