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Pretty Little Liars: What if it was all a dream?

With Pretty Little Liars gearing up for the final showdown between Uber A and the girls we’ve been left with many questions surrounding the show and how it will end. I will attempt to throw my hat into the PLL Theory pool.

What if all this was just a dream?

But the better question will be, who’s dream?

Spencer may be the logical choice for many. She has been the leader since the beginning of the show so her being the one dreamimg it all would make sense, but my money is on another.

The dream sequence if true could only be one person. Alison. Here is why.

Think about the show from the beginning. The girls were passed out in the barn, when they awoke Alison was gone. News flashed about the disappearance and the girls were sent into the whirlwind of mystery that we have come to love over the past seven seasons. But, if this was someone other than Alison’s dream, how could the girls know specific details of Ali’s secret friends and family? This has to be her.

How did I come to this crazy theory you may be asking?

In the beginning, no one knew where the body was but as the story went on we found out she was buried alive. Now, maybe Alison is still laying on the ground passed out from the hit to the head or she is in the hospital in a coma dreaming all this up. This theory makes sense (to me) since it will give insight to her past and why everything has happened the way it has.

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Alison never liked Mona, and to have her in her dream as the original “A” at first makes perfect sense. But her sub conscience also provided good things for her friends besides the dangers. She gave her friends love, not just strangers but people from her past. Spencer got Toby. Alison and Toby had a weird relationship prior to her death as she saw Jenna taking advantage of her step brother. By putting Toby and Spencer together she saved both of them.

Alison provided Hanna with Caleb whom they never explained if they crossed paths before but Alison does have ties to Ravenswood as well as Caleb. Aria is engaged to Ezra, who as Alison puts it “was obsessed with her”. And then we have Emily. Who as you all know throughout the show has a special place in Alison’s heart. So what does Alison do with Emily’s story? She makes her gay, making sure she had a shot to be with Emily somewhere down the line as we finally got a chance to see in the 7A finale. Look at Emily’s relationships. None of them has worked out while every other relationship has. Emily was always the one with the broken heart until Alison came back.

How else can they explain all the appearances, just at the right moment when the girls needed saving that Ali appeared out of thin air? Or when they thought they seen her, the girls would turn the corner and she would be gone. The story is great but at times it’s a little strange how situations happen. It’s almost as if, Alison is Ebenezer Scrooge and we get to see the error of her past, in hopes that she can change her future. Remember, Alison was a bad person before all of this, so this dream state may be the eye-opening experience that she needed.

If this was a dream we could easily point the finger at all the girls but Alison is the one that makes perfect sense. She knows the history of the girls, the town and everyone involved. But it still begs the question, “What if Alison is still knocked out in front of the place where we thought she was buried alive”? And if that is true, then who smashed her upside the head in the first place or will we end the show with her waking up in the barn with the girls?



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