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Pretty Little Liars: Spencer’s twin is the real A.D.

There are too many theories to try to figure out on Pretty Little Liars. However, with one day before the premiere of 7B I say we tackle one more. As I thought back to the DArkest Knight and the moment when Spencer Hastings was shot it hit me– what if Spencer does have a twin and that twin just happens to be the Spencer that we know? Who is A.D.?

Let me explain.

Spencer’s twin was one of the biggest Pretty Little Liars theories for the past season. Many believe that she has one as Mary Drake is believed to have given birth to twins while locked in Radley. But– think about a few clues that may make all this true.

Twins normally come from a genetic pool that already has a set of twins in their family. With that in mind, it’s not hard to believe that Spencer could be a twin. Let’s just go off the theory that Spencer does have a twin and how this affects the dynamic of the show. In order to do so, we must go back to the beginning.

Remember when Spencer was having those flashbacks that she followed Alison out the barn that night? Apparently, the girls were drinking and passed out but what if all that was a plan? What if that’s when Charlotte and A.D. made their move? The Spencer that we know is not the real Spencer but her evil twin and that’s the night they switched places.

It’s mind-boggling but it makes perfect sense.

Then there is the case of Mary Drake and her twin, Jessica DiLaurentis.

According to the timeline, it was Jessica who buried Alison alive but what if it wasn’t? We know that Jessica had Mary Drake stashed away in the woods secluded from the world, however, what if Jessica made a trip up there one day and Mary managed to get the best of her, lock Jessica away and took her place in Rosewood? All these years Mary knew about Charles but was on the hunt for her other daughter– A.D. That fateful night, seeing her daughter (fake Spencer or the real one) kill Alison, Mary tried to cover it up by burying Ali not knowing she was still alive.

Realizing that the Liars would begin to put the pieces together A.D. and Charles devised a plan to take them out. What the sisters didn’t count on were the smarts the girls had. Now, when they realized that Alison was indeed alive the game became deadly.

While Charlotte was off chasing Alison up and down the East Coast, ‘Fake Spencer’ was busy destroying the lives of Hanna, Aria, and Emily. All the while, the real Spencer was locked away somewhere since no one knew she existed maybe only Tobey’s mother who we found out was pushed off the ledge of a building.

All this stemmed from the Season 7 premiere when Hanna was being helped captive by ‘Uber A’. In Hanna’s supposedly dream, she saw Spencer in her cell and ‘Dream Spencer’ is the one that offered advice to get her out. But what if that wasn’t a dream? What if that was actually the real Spencer who Hanna grew up with? Remember that scene when Hanna closed her eyes? Spencer hummed a lullaby instead of vanishing like most dreams figures do.

But it still begs the question of why?

Maybe it’s like Nightmare on Elm Street where Freddy Kruger wanted revenge on everyone. The first plan was to get close to the girls and then take them out one-by-one. As good as ‘A’ was in the beginning, she got sloppy and got caught. What this would’ve done was make evil Spencer mad and she ended up killing her sister to cover the tracks and now she wants to finish the job herself.

It’s a simple case of jealousy. Maybe evil Spencer was adopted herself and learned that she had another family including a twin. After noticing how good their life was she wanted in or she wanted to take it all from them. After teaming up with Charlotte they first wanted to take out the leader, Alison. That night they tried but our Spencer got in the way of the plan.

To add more intrigue is what happened with the Jessica. My theory is that she and Spencer were locked away together but Jessica managed to escape and made it back to the house and that’s when Mary killed her. Mary managed to get Alison somewhat on her side but in the DArkest Knight she never counted on A.D. being shot by Jenna. That’s when she had to come clean to the girls about who she was. It started out as Mary looking for her children but it turned deadly quick.

The issue I had with Charlotte being ‘A’ was that she didn’t know the girls enough to pull off the things that she was able to do. Charlotte knew too much about the girls for someone who was just friends with Alison. All the pain the girls have gone through had to be done from someone up close and personal.

My theory may be far-fetched but as we know, Pretty Little Liars is known for keeping certain storylines hidden until the right moment. But, the biggest unanswered question is–how did the mothers escape the basement? It had to be the same person who helped her friend escape.

It was Spencer.

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