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Pretty Little Liars: What if Uber A is a split personality of one of the girls?

If you follow Pretty little Liars then you now, nothing is as it seems.

For instance, when the show first started, as an audience we never realized that Spencer had left the barn to chase Alison down that fateful night. I say that to bring up a point that as much as we tend to think that we were left in the dark, we weren’t. Some of the most important points of the show were always right in front of our face but with the fast pace and countless characters we were too busy looking the other way to notice the little clues that I.Marlene King and her creative team placed before us.

Which brings us to the identity of Uber A. Who is he or she?

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We’re so focused on a stranger that we may have missed the best part of the identity. What if Uber A is one of the girls? I mean, it’s hard to imagine but it is possible. For years we just knew that Alison was “A”. Then we became sure that it was Mona, then Jenna and a few others but no one ever pointed the finger at the four friends. Some may take into account that they were tortured but yet, they are alive somehow. They may have been in grave danger but as we know with both old and new “A”, if they wanted you dead, you were dead.

But Charlotte turned out to be “A”. Yes, she did but was that for real or was that an illusion? I never brought into the transgender, killer mode. My guess is that she was planted there as a decoy while the real “A” made their move. It was never about the quick kill, it was always the long game. Think about it. Charlotte didn’t grow up with the girls but she knew everything about them. It’s the same with “Uber A”. How does he or she know so much, in what seems to be so little time?

It has to be one of the girls. But who?

It could easily be Aria but you can make a case for Spencer, Hanna or Emily, and how can we forget Ali? This is what makes the mystery of the show so good. The moment we think we know something, here comes a curveball that knocks us right back to episode one. I say a split personality because I don’t think either girl will intentionally hurt one of the others but if she’s suffering from some type of mental break then she may not know what she’s doing.

Think about Spencer waking up one morning after taking one of those pills she was addicted to and just completely losing focus. Emily dealing with the absence of her father and just snapping, Hanna dealing with her self-esteem problem or Aria’s unexplained trip to Iceland. And how can we forget the many issues that surround Ali? Anyone of these girls can have a split personality and become a killer.

This is what makes Pretty Little Liars so intense and interesting. Just when you think you know, you then realize you know nothing.


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