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Pretty Little Liars: When is the real Alison coming back?

For almost seven seasons I’ve watched Pretty Little Liars and thought Alison was by far the smartest teenager this side of Doogie Howser, but since she returned from “the dead”, she has been more Cole (Martin) than the character we grew to hate then love again. It’s as if the writers forgot they were putting lines together for the same character.

In Season 5, when she returned, all that luster and bravado she had escaping everyone for four seasons was gone. I was one that didn’t like her for everything she did. I thought she as a bit self-centered, abusive and conniving, but the writers, after “A” really started to go after the girls began to show Alison in a different light other than the flashbacks of the mean girl we were used to seeing.

She was there helping her friends in their time of need, even though they had no idea it was her but now, looking back you could see what the behind the scenes team was up to. They were trying to have us forgive Alison for her past and make us fall in love with her new persona but in the process, they took away what made her so special in the first place.

What happened to Allison, the girl who always seemed to be one step ahead of A and two steps ahead of the Liars? If the Liars got wind that Alison was in Philly, by the time they got there she was in already in New York. This is the same Alison that pulled her friends from a burning fire, managed to make the Prom, and sleep in her parent’s house without them knowing but now, now we are left with a woman who’s afraid of her own shadow.

She married a man who was in love with her sister, let her sister die under her watch, gave trust to an aunt she doesn’t know and still can’t figure out who “AD” is. The old Alison, before Season 5 would have figured this out by now. Where is she, maybe this is why Season 7 has so many twists and turns, they don’t know which direction they want Alison to go in.

The Liars are treading water and sinking fast, and the writers must find a way to work that crazy, manipulative character back into the story quick before it’s too late.

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Mark Wilson
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