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Pretty Little Liars: Which couple are you rooting for?

Throughout Pretty Little Liars existence there have been a few romances that have shaped the landscape of the show more than the presence of ‘A’.

But looking back, there are four that has stood the test of time. Trying to choose which couple is the same as trying to decide which episode is your favorite. But we will take a chance and attempt to do the impossible.

Spencer and Toby

I must admit, I was never a big fan of their relationship. It wasn’t as if they weren’t good together but there always seemed to be something missing. Going back and looking at their chemistry, I realized, that’s what missing. Their union seemed more forced than magical. Maybe this is due to the makeup of their characters, as Toby is more laid back and Spencer is such an awkward socialite that it comes off as dry to the masses. But, there is love there, you can see it in their eyes when speaking each other’s name. The issue is, no chemistry. Maybe it’s Spencers as she has shown no real happiness on her face throughout any of her relationships on the show.

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Aria and Ezra

At first, I was taken aback by this couple. It just seemed weird to see that teacher/student relationship play out on screen with everything that was going on in the world concerning the same issue. But, Marlene King took the criticism and turned in into a beautiful love story. But, does it work? Is this the relationship that must last? Aria has always seemed in control when it came to her and Ezra and with Ezra being the oldest it just seems a little off. Much like Spencer and Toby, there is love there but also complications. What really happened to Nicole? If she is to return with Ezra for the last half of the show what will that do to their engagement? When season 7 started, both were in different places, but they found a way to get back together.

Alison and Emily

This union is new, well not that new. It’s been in the works for years as we have found out through flashbacks and letters. Many see this as Alison manipulating easy-going Emily, but I see more to this than the previous relationships mentioned above. If you were to measure any of the relationships based on history, they are the winners. If it was based on chemistry, they are the winners. But love? Who knows. Emily has had a thing for Alison for years, but where does Alison really stand in that department? I may be a bit naive when thinking that Ali has real feelings for Em but it’s something there. 7B will explore this union more and I for one cannot wait to see how this all plays out.

Hanna and Caleb

Hands down my favorite of the four. Their chemistry is off the charts and the way the feed off of each other’s emotions puts them far ahead of the rest. Spencer and Toby can argue and not speak for days, same with Ezra and Aria but Haleb will get into a knockdown drag out fight, then be kissing five minutes later. To see them apart as we did when season 7 begin was a punch to the gut. But King realized that you cannot keep them apart but for too long. When Hanna found out that Spencer and Caleb were together it took them much of the first half to finally make amends. Hanna wanted to destroy Spencer, but could you blame her? She messed up by ignoring Caleb for her career but their love never wavered. There is no better relationship than these two. They have the best chemistry, the best fights and the best nickname (Haleb). This is the one America is rooting for.

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