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Pretty Little Liars: Why the bond between Alison and Emily is the strongest on the show

The women on Pretty Little Liars have had their fair share of romances but when you go back and comb through them, there’s one that stands out among them all. The Alison and Emily romance.

While many will point to Hanna/ Caleb or Toby/ Spencer, it was Em/Ali that was really the first. See, but the show robbed us of a real romance. What we got to see as the seasons moved forward were just flashbacks of what would’ve been. From the beginning, we often wondered why there was always this special connection between the two. Why was Emily the first one to realize or think that Alison was still alive? Wasn’t Em the first one that Alison actually saved?

As we head over to the Emison Timeline we will see that their friendship was always more than just that.

Remember in the Perfect Storm when Emily had a flashback about her and Alison in the library. There was a kiss involved there. In another instance, there was the locker room scene where Alison told Emily after yet another kiss that she was just practicing for boys. We could tell that it was a lie but at the moment Emily could not distinguish between the two. While those two instances may seem innocent to some it was the beginning of three scenes that would later shape and define their closet romance.

When Alison gave the girls their friendship bracelets she made sure to include Emily as they provided each with a look that’s only reserved for lovers. In season 5, we find out that Alison and Emily did have sex which explains so much and why they have always felt comfortable with each other even when they are surrounded by the other girls. Even with those clues the No.1 clue to me was during the fire in Season 2 when Emily was about to die due to inhaling dangerous fumes from the barn fire. She caught a glimpse of Alison as Ali pulled her to safety. Alison then told her, “that it’s good to see her again, and that she misses her the most”.

At that time we thought nothing of it but as we watched everything unfold in The DArkest Knight, it all made sense.

What Emily and Alison share go far beyond Caleb/Hanna, Tobey/Spencer, and Ezra/Aria. While those couples have their true love moments, been through their fair share of ups and downs, the Emily/Alison connection is and always will be stronger than the rest of them. Whether we as fans want to admit it or not, we’ve been secretly cheering for this union. How could we not want this to happen as Emily expressed her love for Ali in a letter?

. . . I love staring at the back of your head in class, I love how you chew gum whenever we’re on the phone together, and I love that when you jiggle your Sketchers during class when Mrs. Hat starts talking about famous American court cases, I know you’re totally bored. . . . and I’ve done a lot of thinking about why I kissed you the other day. I realized: it wasn’t a joke, Ali. I think I love you. I can understand if you never want to speak to me again, but I just had to tell you.

Later Emily would find this in Alison’s diary:

“Look at my mermaid. If she knew how much power she had. She could have whoever she wants. But she’s afraid. I think about what she’d be like if she was as tough as she was beautiful.

You can be anything you want to be in this world, but one thing you can’t ever be is weak.”

They are opposites but a lot of what we have seen has been early goings. The girls are no longer girls anymore. They have grown but to ignore the serious chemistry between these two would be forgetting why this show is that special in the first place. Maybe Alison is conniving, selfish and has her evil ways and at times she deserves to suffer. But when has she ever really intentionally set out to hurt Emily?

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