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Prison Break: 5 questions leading up to new season

The time is finally here. We’re only a few short days away from the Season premiere of the new Prison Break. It’s been seven years and after what we saw was the death of Michael Scofield we now learn that he’s alive and locked away in a prison in the Middle East.

Normally it’s Michael looking to break someone out but this time it’s he that may need the help. Can Lincoln be the one to pull off the impossible or will we see another set of tattoos that will aid in his escape? Time has gone by and Sara is now raising her and Michael’s son, however, she’s also married and once the news hits that Michael is indeed alive, that will change everything.

But remember, this is Prison Break, the king of TV twist and nothing is ever as it appears to be.


1- Can they re-create the magic of Season 1?

It took me a while to watch the original Prison Break. I didn’t care to watch it while it was on the air but I decided to give it a try on Netflix in 2016 and was surprised how fast I was pulled in. I read many Facebook posts regarding the cast and the outline of the show during its run but for some reason, I stayed away. Once I saw the first episode I was hooked. There was a man with a tattoo of the prison’s blueprints on his body. From the beginning it was intense and Michael Scofield had everything planned out, well almost. The characters he encountered inside the prison will and have gone down in TV history as some of the best ever. Season 1 was full of some of the best backstories, current and future plans that I’ve seen written in a script. Can the reboot match that?

2- How long before Michael breaks out?

It depends. There are always obstacles that Michael must face. In Fox River, he had to deal with dirty guards and inmates that wanted to use leverage against Michael and Lincoln in order for them to join in the escape. There were so many setbacks that Michael had to call off the escape at one point. Fox River was a bit more secure in terms of security than his other attempt in Panama. In the new season, he will start off in a Middle Eastern prison and we know how heavily guarded they are especially when it comes to Americans. What will he have to do to escape this one?

3- Why did Michael fake his death?

At this point, he and Lincoln were in the clear. There weren’t on the police radar as they once were and the Company was no more. So why fake his death? He knew that Sara was pregnant and after all, he did to be with her and his brother, what was the point? That is the answer that many have wondered when it was announced that Season 4 was their last. I think they had plans for another season but it didn’t fall through after such negative reviews. But to leave the show hanging in the wind like that made no sense. I’m pretty sure we will get to the reason why.

4- How the hell is T-Bag still alive?

I mean, I now every show has that main evil person that seems to survive everything but eventually, he usually gets it in the end. T-Bag is that person on Prison Break. He’s been a thorn n Michael’s and Lincoln’s side since the beginning. He has robbed them, tried to kill them, left them for dead, snitched and held them hostage. Yes still, no one has managed to kill him yet. He has lost a hand, been beaten half to death and still has the nerve to come around like nothing has ever happened.

5- Will Michael and Sara find a way to be together?

Seven years is a long time to stay away from someone. It’s even longer when the woman you supposedly love is carrying your child. So, what is Michael to say to Sara when they come face-to-face? ‘I’m sorry”. This is the land of TV so that may work but only after Sarah slaps the living hell out of him a few 100 times. Michael has a kid that he’s never spent any time with. Sara is now married, however, the promos show Sara just as curious as Lincoln that Michael may still be alive. We see her on the hunt for him as well. What does that mean for Sara and her husband? Will she forget the last seven years and go running into his arms or will Micheal have to fight to win his family back.

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