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Reddit: Can I Buy Steroids From It As A Source?

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With a 17,000 customer base Reddit’s is the most popular steroid forum. Only a quarter doesn’t use steroids. This is conferring to Eric*, one of the forum’s arbiters, who spoke to Mic on the ailment of inconspicuousness.

“There are power lifters, MMA fighters, and other types of athletes. And then, lastly, people who self-medicate since testosterone-replacement therapy is difficult to get in many countries, or people who just enjoy the use of anabolic,” Eric told Mic, referring to anabolic steroids, or the steroids used for bodybuilding. He insists anabolic are “not dangerous in informed applications,” but recognizes “they can do harm without proper knowledge of how to use them.”

The information is easily available online. “When I started on the board, the chat was a bit older — probably mid- to late 20s, lots of ex-military that dominated the discussion,” John’s views about a widespread steroid subedit that he regulates. “Lots of new users are students and young men. In general, the juicing population is getting younger. Lots of teens browse … [but] few are active as far as I can see.”

Eric stated that purchasing online is convenient hence it helps to produce a more knowledgeable base of handlers. “I found my first source in a supplement store without online help,” he told Mic. “Traditionally, people would be approached by the shady bodybuilder in a gym for steroid sales, and who knows what kind of quality that product is, not to mention what kind of information is available through him.” Because of the Internet, he argued, today’s steroid users are more intelligent. Moreover, the quality, purity and reliability of steroids are improving. More drugs are “what the label actually says” they are, Eric said. Subredditlike SteroidSourceTalk — “the cooler, gayer cousin of /r/steroids” — provide comprehensive reviews of steroid vendors. They put more power and resources in the buyer’s hands.

But more approachability attracts more customers. “The dawn of Internet foundations has unquestionably ranged steroid use,” John told Mic. “I myself would likely have never been exposed to a [steroid] source for at least much longer, if ever, if not for Internet forums.”

John knows there will be reverberation. He accepts hair loss, his aggravated acne leaving scars behind. But he often is known to play safe. He adopts the whole lot he must to evade liver venomousness, which eventually leads to a liver failure and slow death. There’s rise in the using of steroid.  It is easily available than it was when John and Eric were young and there are new ways to find out how to buy raw testosterone from an ultramarine wholesaler, then mix it up, put it in a syringe and inject it into their muscles. The whole idea is clear now.

However, the young ones do follow a set plan. They prefer being forum lurkers. They are certain in asking questions and knowing the sources before ascertaining the best worth buy. So when they would want to inject themselves with the steroid and mix of their choice instead of injecting themselves with polluted needles. There are communities ready to help and aid in guiding with informed pronouncements. But is the new generation ready to accept such guidance? If not, then the news and stories about bodybuilders dying young will continue to be the headlines of every newspaper and channel.

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