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Russell Westbrook is a man among boys

How much longer can someone continue to point the finger at Stephen Curry or LeBron James as the best player in the NBA today? They are both great but what Russell Westbrook has done to start the 2016-17 season is hands down one of the best performances we have seen in years, maybe decades.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have done some amazing things but Westbrook is telling the league without words, endorsement, movies or commercials that he is No.1.

Do you doubt it?

How can you doubt 31 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds? Those are not from a game last night or the night before in some insane performance, those are his averages for the YEAR. This is what the Oklahoma City Thunder can look forward to every time Westbrook steps on the floor. When LeBron James steps on the court and does this, ESPN and Twitter goes crazy. And, on the very rare occasion that Curry manages a triple-double, the world loses its damn mind. But, why not the same respect for Westbrook?

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Is it because his team is only 11-8? Or is it because he has never won a championship like LeBron and Curry? Should that really matter at this point? There is not a single player in the league that can guard him one-on-one and walk away saying they contained him. What makes what he’s doing so remarkable is that for years critics have dogged his shot selection but everyone is quiet now as Westbrook his shooting at a better percentage than he has his entire career from beyond the three-point line. But, what speaks volumes about his play is his ability to bring the game to you. Westbrook is averaging 11 FT attempts per game. Most post players in the league are not close to that many attempts, meaning, he has taken his game to another level

Can he continue to average a tripe-double for the entire season? Who knows, but one thing is for certain. Westbrook does not need for you to call him the bet in the NBA. His game does the finger-pointing for you.

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Mark Wilson
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