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Ryan Lochte’s fall from grace after Rio

The more that comes out about United States Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte, he seems to be incredibly stupid. He may be on par with Johnny Manizel.

He appeared on the Brazil’s Journal National news program on Saturday night and tried to explain his claims of having been “robbed,” stating that his accounts that he provided of the events to NBC on Sunday morning were provided while he was under the influence of some alcohol. Before I go into what he said to this Brazilian news program, I just want to say, Ryan how stupid are you that you would go on national television and provide events to an incident that you initially fabricated drunk. I am not sure if you understand this part, but you represent the entire United States and what you did was wrong, and you should be ashamed of.

Here is what the genius said that was translated, “ I think we were still in shock, but we were trying to forget everything, and we were still intoxicated. Not that I’m saying that alcohol is an excuse, it isn’t, especially the actions I took. But we were intoxicated.” After reading that quote, my statement I am about to say is true. Ryan Lochte is a moron. You went from saying I am not blaming the alcohol, but I was intoxicated.

He would say that when he did the interview on the Today Show with Matt Lauer was a few hours after he went drinking, so the alcohol was still in his system. For someone who has a college degree from the University of Florida, you are dumb.

Instead of blaming other things, why don’t you get your head out of your butt and realize that you are representing a damn country, You had people who looked up to you, but I figure you lost a majority of your support. Also your 32 years old, I would start acting like it. I know many people are around his age who are not mature, but not all of them are Olympic Swimmers.

Ryan, this is your screw up, and now you got to sleep in it. This screw up will take years to recover your image, and I don’t foresee you being in any future Olympics. What you did was disgraceful and something that should not have been done if you were thinking with your brain. When you get suspended and probably thrown in jail, maybe you should ask for a brain because apparently, yours is not working.

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