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Sacramento Kings: Not as bad as the media makes them to be

It’s easy for many to knock the Sacramento Kings but why? Why are they not giving the respect or chance that they deserve? It’s a new season and while they still have most of their core back, they have also upgrade on a position they desperately needed.

Last season the Kings finished 33-49 thanks in large part to inconsistent play but the main culprit may have been inside/outside forces. The Kings were a total mess in 2016 but there was no real leadership willing take the blame. Instead the players, most notably, DeMarcus Cousins was forced to shoulder the load.

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The Kings are rumored to be shopping SF Rudy Gay but may have failed to realize that Cousins and Gay work well together. With NBA assists leader Rajon Rondo moving on to Chicago the leader duties have fallen on Darren Collison. Collison plays more like a SG put has more than enough potential to run the point.

The Kings best and worst move this offseason was letting go of Seth Curry and his dynamic perimeter game. The team is hoping that seasoned vet, Aaron Afflalo will have a better year than he did with the Knicks in 2015.

On paper, the Kings have a unit that could contend for the 8th spot but it all depends if the front office can quiet down the rumors.

Any team that features Cousins should be in contention but if the players around him does not improve they will find themselves right back at the bottom of the West. Every year there is that one team no one saw coming that sneaks into the playoffs. A few years ago that team was the Warriors and who’s to say that a Cousins and Gay led team can’t do the same this year?

All the Kings can do is hope that their talent eventually takes over and if so, the rest will fall in line.

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