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San Antonio Spurs: Gregg Popovich would be wise to pass on Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard pairing

The San Antonio Spurs may not be willing to take on Kyrie Irving. It may sound strange to say but Gregg Popovich has a system in place in which Irving is not a good fit. During his tenure with the Spurs, Pop has stuck to his guns and only brought in players who fit a certain mold. The Spurs are based on team, not hero-ball. Irving has stated that one of his reasons for wanting out of Cleveland is so that he could get from under LeBron James and become his own man. Good for him for wanting to stand on his own two feet but has he forgotten that basketball is s team sport and the Spurs belong to Kawhi Leonard?

So why would the Spurs even consider making such a deal?

They won’t. With Kawhi Leonard, Pau Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge already in place, and a new deal for PG Patty Mills, Irving would be wise to look elsewhere. Irving has the pedigree, as he’s been to three straight NBA Finals and that’s something that Pop can respect, however, those trips have included LeBron and Kevin Love.

A Spurs team that features Leonard, Gasol, Aldridge, and Irving would surely be great to see but simply would not work. In Irving’s statement, he proved that he is a little on the selfish side of the coin. If he wants to play for San Antonio then he must check his ego at the door. Winning cannot be that important to Irving and all the Spurs have done since Pop took over is win. Five titles with Tim Duncan in place with help from Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. With Duncan gone and Parker and Ginobili on their way out the torch was passed to Leonard.

What Spurs fans want to see is how Mills will respond after signing a new 4 year, $50M deal this offseason. With that type of money, Mills is expected to start and produce. However, his 2016 averages of 10 points and 4 assists may cause some concern. But, this is what makes the Spurs so good. Even with Mills low numbers and the decline of Parker, the Spurs still managed to win 61 games in 2016. Irving would definitely be an upgrade at the position but coming to San Antonio would be like staying in Cleveland. Leonard is the main attraction there as LeBron is with the Cavs. Aldridge will take the place of Love in the pecking order, thus putting Irving as possibly the third wheel again.

If Irving wants to win then the Spurs are the right choice but if he wants to be the focal point of a franchise then he’s not fit for the team-orientated Spurs.


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