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Scandal: Huck was dying but Quinn was the main attraction

Every character in Scandal has their demons. Olivia Pole is power-hungry, Fitz can’t keep his hands off women, Jake is a killer and the rest should also book an appointment with the nearest psychiatrist. However, after watching ‘Dead in the Water’ it’s safe to say that Quinn is by far the craziest of them all.

Before Huck was shot– didn’t he and Quinn just pull guns on one another? But when it came to Huck being missing it was Quinn that went into full Gladiator mode and was willing to do whatever it took to get him back. As great as the episode was and as much as loyal Scandal fans were rooting for the safe return of one of their favorite characters, it was Quinn who stole the show.

The three scenes where Quinn stood out was when she and Charlie went to the hotel room and noticed all the blood. Her fear that Huck was dead was as genuine as they come. The next was when she and Charlie surprised Meg in the house with a gun to her face and Quinn was ready to blow her head off. The look in her eyes said it all. The last scene in which Quinn made her presence felt was the one where I wish the writers would have let her go. The moment when Abby confessed that she was the reason Huck was missing.

The fear in Abby’s eyes was priceless as Oliva warned her that if Huck was dead or not found that she would let Quinn have her way with her. When Quinn leaped across the table, Abby was 2 seconds from being the new Meg. Man, Abby was the one person that she should have killed.

As Huck laid in the hospital, Quinn spoke to him about being by his side forever. When Huck spoke, she laid down beside him and Charlie saw that with a look of worry on his face. I don’t know if the writers plan to make something of this by giving them another shot at romance but they need not. Their last go-round was not healthy for either party and the fact they have tortured each other makes my stomach hurt at the thought of them giving it a go.

What Charlie witnessed is family caring for one another in the purest form. He’s new to the team and hasn’t been through what they have as a unit. I was afraid we were going to lose Huck, but in the process, we finally got to see Quinn take her staring role.

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Mark Wilson
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