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Scandal: If Huck lives he will never love again

If Huck is indeed dead I’m done with Scandal. No other way to put that. Huck is the best character on the ABC drama and for him to be gunned down like that is a slap in the face. However, in a strange sort of way, that may be the only way Huck could be killed. Let me explain.

Huck has one weakness. Women. Oliva is one, Robin once was, Becky, Kim and now Meg.

As deadly as Huck is, he has not learned that some people cannot be trusted. Does he have bad taste in women, unlucky or is he an easy target as Becky told him when he went to visit her in prison? Olivia is still his main weakness as he will do whatever she ask of him but his other relationships just turned out terribly wrong.

His wife Kim can no longer live a normal life thanks to him and that’s all Huck wants. His quick relationship with Robin was more comical than serious while his tryst with Becky and Meg turned deadly in the end. Becky was a killer that wanted to take Huck down but fell in love and when she asked Huck to run away with her he said no and she retaliated by killing his make-believe family.

Meg was the wild card here as she had us all fooled. But Huck caught on and was a few seconds from killing her until he had that moment of weakness that could eventually cost him his life in the end. She played Huck from the very beginning and what’s strange is that he always trust his first instinct. When Meg asked about meeting Oliva is when Huck should have put it all together but he resisted.

Now he’s on the floor bleeding out thanks to another woman he loved and trusted. If he pulls through this Huck go into one of those trance-like stages he tends to go in when he’s lost or he could come out swinging. Either way, he will never look at another woman the same. It’s been too much heartache and death and it’s only so much a person can take before they give up on it all.

Huck may live but his love life is dead.

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Mark Wilson
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