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Has Scandal lost its luster?

By now we understand the hype surrounding ABC’s Scandal. A work first career women leave hew job at the White Hose to open her own business as a Crisis Management expert with a team of Gladiators at her disposal, hiding from the public when it’s obvious that she and her team are the real ones that need saving.

When Scandal first aired in 2012 it was different, edgy, well written; something TV had lacked for years. The Caucasian President was in love with the African-American women who helped cheat his way into the White House. Yes, Fitz was married with kids, Olivia had none and to viewers, she was equivalent to Monica Lewinsky, and that alone made the show intriguing as ratings shot through the roof. Then there was the mystery of her team.

They all have their dark past, and it adds more mystery to the show, but the revolving door of OPA is getting a bit boring. After Harrison was killed, the team was down to three and had no sense of direction all at last season. There was another member added, Marcus who does not fit in at all. The team has tried to ignore him, then include him and for the life of me I can’t figure out why he and Oliva just don’t hook up just to add some excitement to an otherwise dead office. Huck is still my favorite character, he is ruthless but takes too much from Olivia for my liking. He seems scared of her when it should be the other way around. And how can one character go from quiet as a mouse to a stone cold killer in one season? Quinn was the new kid on the block, the coffee getter, and now she is B-613 certified crazy.

We can’t forget Oliva’s other lover, Jake who was trying to kill her father, the head of B-613 after he tried to have him killed but at the beginning of Season 5 they were having family meals together and now has plans to take over the White House. With the President’s term almost over I wonder how they will continue to keep him in the picture? He’s a vital cog in the story but during season 5 his character did a complete 180 and turned into this womanizing monster that seems so out-of-place it didn’t feel like it was the same show.

Fitz right-hand man Cyrus is playing for the opposition; Millie is lost and for something that supposedly has this impressive education the writers sure as hell has her looking dumber than a bag of rocks. Davis is was being bullied into one of the weirdest sexual triangles known to man involving the new Chief of Staff and the Vice President.

I know it’s hard trying to come up with new storylines week after week, but ABC has been horrible with their shows lately, and Scandal is falling into the same trap that Castle and now Pretty Little Liars did. Ask yourself this; “how many more crisis are there to be handled in Washington D.C”? I mean seriously, they have handled everything from kidnapping, rape, murder, extortion, and infidelity, what else is left for them to do?

Season 5 was a complete disaster and with rumors that ABC has ordered fewer episodes and will give it a later return date than normal, one is left to wonder how long Scandal has left?

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Mark Wilson
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