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Scarlett Johansson Makes My Top 10 Entertainment Sex List

There are too many women in the entertainment business for me not to get excited about. From Tv Shows to movies to music there are some pretty sexy women that us men and women pay attention to a little more than the others. As a man, I have my favorites but if asked, could you break your list down to the top 10?

Here is my Top 10 Entertainment Sex List:

Kim Kardashian:

It doesn’t matter to me the miles she may have on her. She is still one of the sexiest women walking the face of the earth. Nevermind the plastic surgeries she has gone through to keep her body the way it is, it’s still one hell of a shape. She has been the desire of men for years and that won’t change until one of her body parts fall off.

Nicki Minaj:

There are pictures to show that Nicki has had a crazy amount of surgeries done, but who cares? That body is amazing. It’s Grade A stripper material. For the life of me, I can’t see what she saw in Meek Mill or Drake but she is easily one of the sexiest women in the business.

Halle Berry:

Berry has held this crown for decades. She does not age and the soft skin of hers gives off a goddess-like quality. Berry does not have the figure of Minaj or Kim but she has that pure beauty that drives men nuts. “Make me feel good”

Serena Williams:

She has been called a man due to her build but I have yet to see a man with an a** like that. Tennis is not a sport I watch but when she’s on the court I wait in anticipation for the moment she sets up for a return serve. Williams has a body that will make a man leave his wife right in front of the kids on Christmas morning.

Jennifer Lopez:

I envy Drake. Lopez has the total package. The looks are top shelf and that body has given new meaning to the phrase OMG. At her age, she still has 20-year olds drooling over her every move when she walks.


There are women that ooze sexy no matter what they do. Rihanna is one of them. She does not have the body of Lopez or Kardashian but she has that spice in her voice, demeanor, and style. The look on her face says that she can show you a few things in a public or private setting. Just one time is all I ask.

Scarlett Johansson:

The Black Widow. That outfit in the Marvel movies bumped her to the top of many men’s list for sexiest women. I look at Scarlett and wonder what would happen if we were to ever bump into one another on a New York street. 

Zoe Saldana:

It’s the legs on this woman that drives me crazy. Saldana is beautiful, like the girl next door beautiful and she has this quiet sex appeal that makes men swoon over her. It’s good to respect one’s marriage but if she ever becomes available, I would love a chance to show her why she’s on my list.

Salma Hayek:

Doesn’t matter to me how old she is and what Hollywood says. Hayek has been my crush since Fools Rush In. Sexiness is her middle name. She has a look that will make a Monk denounce his religion. Her accent alone does things to me I wish my ex could.

Taraji P. Henson:

If you know me then you now the love I have for this woman. She is the hottest, sexiest woman in Hollywood. You think not? Well, that’s your problem. Henson is the girl you grew up with that packed all her clothes up and went for her dream. Every character she plays, no matter who makes me want to jump through the screen and tongue her down. Damn, she does something to me.

Honarble Mention

Oprah Winfrey:

I need a sugar mama





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