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Selena Gomez is wise to take break from music to focus on health

In an era where athletes, musicians, and entertainers often take their health for granted it’s good to know that a young talent will do what’s not only best for her career but for her life as well. It was reported that Pop singer and actress, Selena Gomez will take a break from music and deal with her health issues concerning her fight with Lupus.

Gomez has been in a fight with the disease for years and just revealed that she went through chemo in 2013 to try to slow down the cause. During that time, Gomez was forced to cancel a string of tours, but without mentioning a word, the media and fans went on a tirade blaming everything from adolescence, to her breakup with Justin Bieber.

This is how a young person in the spotlight can have a mental breakdown. What she was going through did not have to be in the public’s eye, but with the way the world is set up, there is no right way to live your life in a bubble. Gomez, for all that she has been through, is still a kid and will make mistakes but for the media to bash her, even now after knowing what she is going through, shows the heartless side of being in the public eye.

While she has decided to take a break, there are still media outlets that wonder if she is doing this for more publicity or dealing with a broken heart as she watches her ex-boyfriend, Bieber with another woman.

Lupus is a deadly disease and if not carefully treated could easily result in  paparazzi taking photos at her funeral. Stress is a trigger but so is other things. But for some to suggest this is a stunt should try to walk in her shoes or the millions of others that live every day with this incurable disease. My heart goes out to Gomez, as I lost my best friend to Lupus 10 years ago. I had to watch as he lay in a hospital bed an hour after we finished cracking jokes on each other in my living room not knowing 24 hours later he will be dead.

Gomez is doing the right thing. She can always make another album, schedule another tour or performance but she can never get another chance at life.

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