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Sex: How dangerous is lust?

It starts off with something as innocent as a smile, glance, touch or in most instances now, a like or comment.

Sex is a universal language spoken by people every day. Some use verbal messages, others mental and some pray that others are mind readers. But how does one begin to describe the difference between sex and lust?

Sex is an act. Lust is an emotion.

If you had the two confused, don’t feel bad, many have and that’s the reason for so many issues between men and women. To some, sex is a game, a way of life or a way to have control. Lust is the opposite. It’s when you lose control to the point where everything becomes serious.

Have you ever seen a person from across the room and wondered ” how they could do in bed”? The question may seem strange, but you must remember the human mind thrives off curiosity. Without saying a word, you let the thought linger for a day or two, then you see that person again and that curiosity takes over. It’s now or never. Either you say something or lose that chance.

You introduce yourself. A conversation is sparked and before you know it, you are taking daily, either in person, by phone, email, text or social media. But, that’s all it has become due to circumstances that have kept you apart. What started out as a sexual connection has grown into something else. In the middle of all the messages a friendship was born but, this was supposed to be a booty call, nothing more than that.

The other person has the same feelings but as you began to learn about one another, you still play the teasing game. A nude photo here, some raunchy text in between, then switch back to how the kid’s basketball game went. It’s a balance that will drive any sane person crazy. But is it just a game? There’s been no physical contact, so how can emotions get involved?

This is not “like”, this is bordering on lust. In the beginning, you lusted after this person before you even spoke to them. But now, they have let you into their personal lives and you began to see what makes them tick and it turns you on even more. You began to crave that person, wanting to hear from them every waking moment. But, is that wrong?

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Is it wrong to crave for an individual and wonder what could be if only? This is how Roman Empires came crashing down. The lust men have for women can make the strongest of men weak at the knees. It’s her walk, the way she dresses, speaks, and smells. It’s everything about a woman that screams sexy. We as men have no desire to know your name. We see from a distance what we want as soon you turn the corner. That is lust. We want it, we crave it and we will do whatever we must to get it. It’s the thrill of the hunt that gets us going. It doesn’t matter if we see a wedding ring or not, nothing on this planet is stronger than lust.

You can see it in her actions and hear it in her voice. She craves you as well but is she afraid to let go and give in? Sex is a roll around in the sheets, clean up and go home action. But, lust. Lust will end marriages, scar kids for life and at times, end lives. Sex cannot do that, it’s an act but once you get emotions involved, shit changes.

Lust is wonderful but highly dangerous at the same time. If you are not equipped to deal with the risk, don’t play the game. It’s that simple.

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Mark Wilson
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